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October 3rd, 2019 | by Nicole Diamond

Princess Cut Halo Engagement Rings That Show Off Your Bold Diamond Choice

When you’re looking for an engagement ring that’s sure to please, it’s a safe bet to go with one of the most popular styles. (They’re popular for a reason!) If you’re the type who likes to double down, how about a pair of top styles in one? Two of the most popular engagement ring varieties are the princess cut diamond and the halo engagement ring, and the combination in finished princess cut halo engagement rings is a natural and trendy pairing.

What is a princess cut diamond ring?

The second-most-popular diamond shape (after round), the princess cut diamond ring is a square or rectangular stone cut with many facets. The pavilions, or the cone-shaped bottoms of the diamonds, and the stone’s facets produce a brilliant sparkle when light hits the diamond. From the top, the stone looks squared; from the side it resembles an inverted pyramid.

The princess cut originated in 1961 when Arpad Nagy, a London-based diamond cutter, created a version of princess cut diamonds called the “profile” cut. Basil Watermeyer, a South African cutter, refined Nagy’s design in ’70s into the “Barion cut.” The Ambar Diamond company introduced the “Quadrillion Cut” in the late ’70s, and in 2013, Vinubhai Dhanani and Robert Forster patented their own version of the princess cut. The biggest difference between each style is the number of facets, which ranges from 40 to 80.

In its relatively short lifetime, the princess cut has become an utterly classic look for engagement rings and other diamond jewelry. This style has a few other big advantages: The many facets can hide any inclusions, or flaws, and the brilliant gleam of the cut will allow a smaller-sized diamond to make a major statement.

Why should you add a halo to a princess cut diamond?

Although they can cost anywhere between 25% and 40% less than their round-cut counterparts, princess cut diamonds can be expensive — they’re one of the priciest diamond shapes, because the facets must be precisely counted and cut. So if you need to choose a smaller diamond to stay within your budget, adding a halo — a small ring of pavé diamonds surrounding the center stone, which may extend onto the band — is an excellent way to make it look bigger. A halo setting can make the center stone look up to one-half carat bigger, which can translate into hundreds of dollars of savings. A halo also adds more sparkle to a ring, if that’s your aesthetic.

princess cut halo engagement rings comparison with setting

Princess cut engagement rings aren’t the only ones to benefit from the halo setting treatment. Any center stone you want will appear to grow in size thanks to the circle of dazzling diamonds. Though it’s certainly a selling point, it’s not the only reason you should consider this popular style of setting. Here are all the benefits to buying a halo engagement ring you should know about before you finalize your purchase. And check out some of our top styles for princess cut halo diamond rings below:

princess cut halo engagement rings split shank

Split Shank Princess Halo Engagement Ring

A beautiful balance of contemporary and traditional, this split-shank halo meets a princess-shaped diamond, accentuated by 0.42 carats of accent diamonds. The band is available in white, yellow or rose gold.

princess cut halo engagement rings floating diamond

Floating Halo Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

This brilliant square princess cut diamond seems to float above a halo that is flanked by 0.43 carats of larger accent stones. High set engagement rings like this one can give the appearance that your fingers are longer and leaner than they actually are, making it a popular selection. Available in white, yellow and rose gold, and platinum.

princess cut halo engagement rings twisting underhalo

Twisting Underhalo Diamond Engagement Ring

This gorgeously unique band curves toward your setting, which is highlighted by shape and sparkle — an underhalo of pavé diamonds. Just because you’re going with a classic setting element, the halo, doesn’t mean you can’t select a spin on the look. Available in white, yellow and rose gold, and platinum.

princess cut halo engagement rings open twist

Open Twist Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

A halo as sharp as the center stone’s edges and a striking open design make this ring one that won’t be forgotten. The untraditional bride will love how this setting takes some traditional elements, like the split shank setting, and reimagines them with a eye for modernity. Plus, all of the accent diamonds add up to serious sparkle. Available in white, yellow and rose gold, and platinum.

Ready to make your selection? All of With Clarity’s halo engagement rings are hand-crafted by master artisans, and because we’re online, our prices are much lower than jewelry stores. Learn everything you need to know about buying an engagement ring in our comprehensive guide.

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