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womans hands wearing east west engagement ring

October 7th, 2019 | by Devon Choo

East West Engagement Rings That Make You Rethink The Classics

All of your friends opted for traditional (and gorgeous) diamond engagement rings. But now it’s time to find your perfect ring and all of the options just seem a little too normal — and safe — for your tastes. Do you have to give up your diamond dreams in order to get a non-traditional ring? Nope! Instead, consider one of the trendy east west engagement rings.

What are East West engagement rings?

Most diamond engagement rings are designed so the diamond is vertically placed in the center of the ring. East west engagement rings turn the classic style – literally — by placing the stone horizontally on the band.

east west engagement rings oval comparison

The horizontal placement of east west engagement rings let you show off your non-traditional style — and they also allow for more personalization with the diamond cut and color.

Things to consider when buying an East West engagement ring

Finding the perfect east west engagement for you isn’t as simple as flipping a stone on a traditional diamond engagement ring.

The biggest thing to consider is how the horizontally placed stone sits within the setting. The ratio of your diamond is important: Longer shapes, like oval-, marquise- and emerald-shaped diamonds, have certain ratios that determine how they look. If you go with a very skinny stone, the stone might not pop out from the band as much as if you go with a wider version.

east west engagement rings halo comparison

That said, your options aren’t limited when it comes to east west engagement rings — and you don’t have to pick a diamond either. You can get an east west style that takes a classic cushion shaped halo — in any gemstone (like an emerald) — and turns it. Pave is in play, too. Think about whether you want more attention on your ring. If you like a bolder look, you can go with an east west setting as well as accent pave stones for extra sparkle.

Top East West engagement rings

OK, so you’re sold on east west engagement rings. Now what? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite styles to give you some inspiration — and help you start on your search for the perfect east west engagement ring.

east west engagement rings classic four prong

Classic Four Prong East West Engagement Ring

Don’t think you can afford this style with a small budget? Think again: The Classic Four Prong East West Engagement Ring has a tiny price tag for what you get. The smooth ring band — and absence of pave stones — puts all the emphasis on the emerald-cut diamond. People will be wondering exactly how you managed to get your ring to look like that.

east west engagement rings pave diamond

East West Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

The East West Pave Diamond Engagement Ring is set with a high-profile, emerald-cut diamond that really grabs attention. The addition of 0.16 carats of accent diamonds amps up the bling factor, meaning everyone will have their eyes on your ring.

east west engagement rings halo diamond

East West Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Remember how we said the halo setting can be the east-west factor in this ring style? The East West Halo Diamond Engagement Ring is a perfect example. While the round-cut diamond doesn’t exactly scream “east west style,” the halo does. The halo and band features 0.32 carats of pave stones to really step up the sparkle — and the east-west look is so subtle that people will wonder exactly what you did to make your ring so unique.

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