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round halo engagement ring in blue box

October 8th, 2019 | by Shein Htun

Round Halo Engagement Rings That Update the Classic Style

When it comes to trends, you always know what’s hot. You aren’t afraid to follow the trends, either — and you want your engagement ring to do the same. Luckily, top round halo engagement rings tick all the boxes you want: they’re the on-trend mashup of engagement ring trends, but they’re also timelessly elegant — after all, you’ll be wearing this ring forever.

So you love the round halo diamond rings you’ve seen, but how much do you know about them? First thing’s first: You need to understand a little bit about both round diamonds and halo engagement ring settings before you decide on your purchase. (And, yes, even though this style seems straight forward, there are actually countless, gorgeous variations you can choose from.)

Things to consider when buying a round halo engagement ring

You already know that diamonds are cut into a variety of shapes, ranging from pear to emerald. The cut — along with carat, clarity and color — make up the 4 C’s of diamonds that influence price. Round diamonds are the most expensive of the diamond shapes, but placing it in a halo setting can be a cost-effective choice because you can go with a smaller center stone and rely on the diamond halo to make it look bigger.


But first thing’s first: You have to know that a round center stone is what you really want. The round diamond is an instant attention grabber. So if that’s not what you really want, then you might want to look at something with a little less shine (like a step cut diamond).

If you’re all in on the shine, then you next have to consider how much bling you want on the rest of the ring. Round halo engagement rings can shine like a headlight — especially if the center stone is a higher carat weight. And if you’d rather keep it simple? Then look for rings without an added halo or other pave diamond accents on the band. You could even opt for an underhalo, which will peek out from the profile of your ring instead of the top (you find one of those in this collection!).


The center stone and halo setting doesn’t have to be the only embellishment on the ring, either. Other accents — like milgrain and filigree — are also available for these rings, giving the most eye-catching design for your dollar. Since they’re metal and not diamonds, these embellishments add significantly less to the overall cost of your ring.


differing styles for round halo engagement rings

Also: although most people think of a standard round style when it comes to halos, there are quite a few variations, so there’s room for individuality. The round diamond ring base can vary depending on setting and stone size. But you have even more options if you’re considering a round engagement ring with a halo. You can, for example, combine a round center stone with a halo of another shape to create a unique look for your ring.


And last (but not least): Consider high setting vs. low setting engagement rings. You can find both high set and low set diamond engagement rings with round cut halo engagement rings. The difference? Low set rings mean the diamond will sit flush with your finger, making it a good choice if you have a more active lifestyle or job. High set rings, on the other hand, sit above the finger, making it an attention grabber (but also more apt to snag on clothing and other surfaces).

Shopping guide: Top round halo engagement rings

Not sure where to start in your diamond engagement ring search? We’ve rounded up the top round halo engagement rings to help you start your ring shopping (and believe us, there’s plenty to choose from).

round halo engagement rings milgrain flower

Milgrain Flower Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The Milgrain Flower Halo Diamond Engagement Ring is the perfect combination of vintage and modern style. The center stone is, of course, a focal point — but the real stars are the pave stones set to resemble flower petals, along with some milgrain detailing to add some extra flair.

round halo engagement rings open twist

Open Twist Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The twisted metal band with the pave stones on the Open Twist Halo Diamond Engagement Ring creates a stunning profile that’s as attention-getting as the round diamond in the center.

round halo engagement rings double cathedral

Double Halo Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring

Jaws will drop when people see your Double Halo Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring — and for good reason. The floating center stone is set off by not one, but two rows of halo pave diamonds, along with accent pave stones on the shank, to create a truly sophisticated ring that only looks like it costs millions.

round halo engagement rings vintage leaf

Vintage Leaf Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

You’ll definitely feel more than a little regal when wearing the Vintage Leaf Halo Diamond Engagement Ring. The intricate detailing on the band makes it look antique and vintage — and it’ll be a statement piece you can pass down from generation to generation.

round halo engagement rings opening twist

Opening Twist Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The small details are what makes the Opening Twist Halo Diamond Engagement Ring such a stunner. The band features a split shank that includes .40 carats of accent pave diamonds, along with the center halo that makes the round-cut diamond look enormous.

round halo engagement rings heirloom diamond

Heirloom Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Stately and striking are just two of the words that come to mind when looking at the Heirloom Halo Diamond Engagement Ring. This decorative ring definitely lives up to its name, thanks to the milgrain and filigree detailing that make it look like something directly out of the Elizabethan era, while still having a touch of modern edge.

round halo engagement rings star diamond

Star Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Your ring will definitely be the star of your style if you opt for the Star Halo Diamond Engagement Ring. The unique halo style utilizes pave diamonds to create the star shape that everyone will be looking at, we guarantee it.

round halo engagement rings split shank diamond

Split Shank French Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Talk about being a statement piece: The Split Shank French Halo Diamond Engagement Ring is an instant attention-getter, thanks to the pave stones set around the center stone and the ring shank. These accent stones add .58 carats of shine to the ring without adding considerably to the price.

round halo engagement rings plain shank

Plain Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

A simple band — along with an attention-grabbing center stone and .16 carats of accent stones — means that all eyes will be on the rock with the Plain Shank Diamond Engagement Ring.

round halo engagement rings tapered

Tapered Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The Tapered Halo Diamond Engagement Ring is a trendy take on the classic halo setting, thanks to a high profile center stone and a band of accent diamonds that start on the shank and twist around the stone, creating a eye-catching halo.

round halo engagement rings lotus diamond

Lotus Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Hello, beautiful! The stunning Lotus Halo Diamond Engagement Ring features larger accent diamonds around the beautiful center stone, adding an addition .35 carats to ring. The center stone and accents fit so seamlessly that everyone will assume it’s one large stone.

round halo engagement rings vintage diamond

Vintage Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Everyone will swear that your Vintage Halo Diamond Engagement Ring is priceless antique. Only you’ll know that the sparkling center halo — along with added accent diamonds on the side — was made specifically for your finger.

round halo engagement rings twisting diamond

Twisting Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Illusion is the name of the game with the Twisting Halo Diamond Engagement Ring. The center stone looks larger than it is, thanks to the high set style and twisting shank that features both smooth metal and pave diamonds that halo the stone. The result is a round halo engagement ring that looks larger than it is.

round halo engagement rings contemporary side

Contemporary Side Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Want a bezel setting, but also want a round halo design? The Contemporary Side Halo Diamond Ring is the best of both worlds with a generous .23 carats of accent diamonds encased in a channel bezel set.

You can clearly see that round engagement rings with halos are anything buy boring. And we only picked some of our favorites. There are even more options waiting for you on the With Clarity site if you decide to go with the round halo engagement ring. Browse them, see if anything strikes your fancy, and don’t forget that we let you try on styles on your own couch with our Home Preview program.

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