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woman holding tea cup wearing marquise halo engagement ring

October 16th, 2019 | by Anubh Shah

Marquise Halo Engagement Rings That Are Distinctive, Yet Classic

The marquise cut diamond has a bit of a tabloid history. Legend has it, King Louis XV of France commissioned an 18th-century jeweler to fashion a diamond in the shape of the lips of his paramour, and the marquise was the result. But there’s nothing scandalous about this diamond shape today. It’s become a favorite of numerous celebrity brides-to-be for a very simple reason: The slim ovoid shape — which has also been called, somewhat indelicately, the football cut, and more glamorously, the “navette,” or little ship — is terrifically flattering to the hand, making the fingers look longer and more elegant.

The stone’s uncommon shape also makes it a statement piece, and some women like to enhance its effect with a halo, or encircling ring of accent diamonds. Here are some of the features and benefits of the marquise halo engagement ring, and some important things to consider as you shop.

Popularity of marquise engagement rings

The marquise cut engagement ring is surging back into popularity as people look for less common engagement rings. The marquise cut is distinctive, but still reads as classic and elegant, giving you the best of both worlds.

Marquise cut engagement rings have been spotted on some of the most-photographed women in the world, including Victoria Beckham (whose original engagement ring featured a marquise diamond), Catherine Zeta-Jones (who opted for an east-west setting), Portia de Rossi (who also chose an east-west setting, but accented with pink diamonds).

Things to consider with marquise halo engagement rings

One major advantage to the marquise: The elongated body can make it look larger than its actual carat weight. So you can buy the same carat weight, but your stone will seem bigger than, for example, a round brilliant. This could create some flexibility in your budget to add a halo to the setting, which will amplify the stone’s effect even more.


When shopping for a marquise halo, it’s important to think about your lifestyle, and how much contact your ring might encounter on a regular basis. If you have a particularly active job or hobbies, you might want to ensure that the delicate ends of the marquise stone don’t get dinged or chipped. A flush halo — in which the halo is on the plane as the center stone — can offer some protection for the tips of your stone. But a floating halo — in which the center stone is held above the halo by prongs — will likely not protect them, so consider the halo and your day-to-day life.


Even with the halo, you need to be careful of the “bow tie” effect with a marquise diamond. A bow tie forms when the facets of a diamond are cut imprecisely, causing a small blackout effect (in the shape of, you guessed it, a bow tie) to surface within the stone when it’s held to the light. Be sure to examine any marquise-cut diamond you’re considering for signs of this effect. (With Clarity has expert on-staff gemologists who can help you select a diamond that’s bow-tie-free.)

marquise halo engagement rings bow tie comparison


It’s also important to pay attention to color when you’re choosing your marquise diamond. Because the tips are shallow, they’re prone to showing color more than the center (and more than a stone without shallow areas, such as a round cut). If you prefer a warmer stone, that might not be an issue, but if you love an absolutely white diamond, examine the color; you may want to ask your gemologist to go a grade up.

Top marquise halo engagement rings

Although a marquise engagement ring with a halo might not ultimately be right for you, these settings will give you a good sense of the range of styles available. We love their range: There’s a setting for brides-to-be who prefer something more demure, and also those who love a statement piece. Just remember that there are other marquise engagement rings worth your time and attention, too, if you’re not completely sold on the halo.

marquise halo engagement rings plain shank

Marquise Plain Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This center marquise diamond is encircled by a slim plain shank and delicate diamond halo, angled to create a beautiful sunburst effect.

marquise halo engagement rings pave

Marquise Pave Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

A lovely halo, plus a band with traditional pave-set accent diamonds, ups the accent on a center marquise diamond.

marquise halo engagement rings split shank

Marquise Split Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Maximum impact. A split shank, accented with micro-pave diamonds and a diamond halo, creates a stunning field of sparkle.

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