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woman's hand wearing engagement ring

October 23rd, 2019 | by Tamie Le

Popular Diamond Engagement Ring Cuts

Diamond cut is a crucial factor in choosing the perfect engagement ring for the woman you wish to marry. The shape of the diamond is more than just how the stone looks. Engagement ring cuts and styles reflect the wearer’s personality, taste, and lifestyle.

Some of the most popular engagement ring cuts include solitaire, square, round (known as the round brilliant cut diamond), and the princess cut diamond. If you’re not sure which styles are most suitable for which lifestyles and personality types, read on to see how to narrow your options.



Over 3/4th of diamonds sold around the world are the round cut diamonds. This shape of diamond is the trendiest style of diamond because, with its equal, even shape, the light shines on the facets in such a way that is constantly brilliant and eye-catching. Women who care little for fashion and popularity or have a busy lifestyle might prefer a round cut diamond engagement ring.

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From the discovery of diamonds until the early 1900’s, the traditional diamond cut was the cushion cut. The cushion cut diamond, like its name suggests, is a primarily square-shaped stone, with softer, rounded corners, similar to the shape of a seat cushion. The cushion diamond was cut into a relatively larger sized stone to give it a unique look and brilliant shine. Vintage lovers adore a cushion cut diamond engagement ring. It speaks to their elegant sense of romance.

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The princess cut diamond has four equal sides and four corners, with a pyramid-style shape. It compares to the eight-sided piece of diamond from which the stone is carved, which makes it easier to polish and prepare for retail shops. Princess cut diamonds are considered “fancy cut” diamonds. In fact, they are the most fashionable style of fancy diamonds for engagement rings. It’s a versatile cut, which means that almost any ring setting or type works well with a princess cut diamond. It’s also a less expensive cut, because it wastes less of the rough diamond than other cuts do. Princess cut diamonds represent a combination of change and tradition. A princess cut diamond engagement ring best suits woman who embrace both in their world.

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The emerald cut diamond was developed from emerald cutting. The reflective facets of the emerald cut diamond act as mirrors. Though the sparkle is less prominent than other cuts of diamonds, it tends to flash with a more elegant flair when light hits it. It is another of the larger sized diamond cuts, and it goes well as a single-stone emerald cut engagement ring, or paired with actual emeralds or small accent diamonds.A confident, independent woman would appreciate an emerald cut diamond engagement ring.

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One variation on the brilliant cut diamond is the oval cut. It was designed for women who loved the spirit reflected in the brilliant diamond, but wanted a one-of-a-kind look to their special jewelry. Its symmetrically rounded shape gives it a balanced and graceful look and the illusion of length, while adding a unique touch of class. The oval cut diamond also makes a woman’s fingers appear longer, thinner, and more delicate. A larger oval cut diamond often sits alone in its ring setting, but a narrower oval may rest in the middle of smaller accent stones. Either style makes an excellent oval cut diamond engagement ring. If your intended is small, delicate, and her own brand of unique, consider an oval cut diamond engagement ring.

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The pear cut diamond was born from the marquise cut diamond and the classic round shape. It mimics the oval cut diamond, except that one end comes to a dull point to form a teardrop, or pear, shape. Like the oval shaped diamond, it also has a slimming effect on the fingers, and it gives its own unique touch as a pear cut engagement ring. The pear cut is also known as a teardrop.A pear cut diamond engagement is sure to make any woman stand out and bring her to the center of all her friend’s attention.

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Another slimming, dainty shaped stone is the marquise cut diamond. Even the smaller marquise diamonds appear larger, because they have one of the largest “crown” surfaces of all the diamond styles. Marquise cut diamond engagement rings are among the most unique of all engagement rings, and the most elegant, as well.The marquise diamond is all about size, so a marquise cut diamond engagement ring is for the woman who wants the world to see that she is about to be wed from ten miles away.

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Radiant cut diamonds are square shaped, similar to the princess and cushion cut stones. Any size of radiant cut diamond pairs well with smaller radiant diamonds, princess cut stones, cushion shaped gems, or any size accent diamonds. Almost any combination of stones, as well as a single diamond, make beautiful radiant cut diamond engagement rings. A radiant diamond cut engagement speaks to a woman’s love for tradition and the simplicity of the classics.

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Asscher cut diamond


The Channel Set Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring offers a classic spin on a modern cut of diamond. The cathedral setting shows off a large oval diamond emphasized by channel set accent diamonds. Unlike with round or square, oval cut diamond engagement rings provide the perfect opportunity to show the buyer’s originality while still maintaining the traditional style of the cathedral setting.

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