October 29th, 2019 | by Tamie Le

Buying Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Choosing an engagement ring involves more than picking out a sparkling ring – it’s a choice that will remain on a woman’s finger to be cherished and gazed fondly upon forever. She will want something that not only sparkles and catches her eye, but something that reminds her of the moment it was slipped on her finger and the man of her dreams that pledged his life to her. Engagement rings should not only represent the love a couple share but also her unique individuality – which is one reason you might be considering buying a princess cut engagement ring – they are a modern cut that breaks away from the more traditional engagement ring choices.

Beyond the princess cut and most popular round cut diamonds there are a variety of styles of engagement rings and cuts that should be considered before making a final decision. Learning a little about princess cut diamonds can help a couple determine if this is the right choice to forever represent the love and commitment that they share. Many will find that this relatively new cut offers a brilliant sparkle and beautiful style that is often only found in the most expensive of diamond engagement rings.

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About princess cuts

The name ‘princess cut’ was first used in the 1960s, to describe a different diamond cut that is known today as the ‘profile cut’. The true princess cut diamond that is gaining in popularity today was created in 1979, making it a relatively new diamond cut. Princess cut diamonds feature an inverted pyramid profile with a square face and four beveled sides, a cut that allows for brilliant sparkle because of the many facets. Learn more about princess cut diamonds.

One of the distinguishing features of the princess cut diamond is its sparkle. While the round brilliant cut diamond in a prong setting will provide the most sparkle, the princess cut refracts a much larger amount of light than a baguette cut, radiant cut, or even emerald cut diamond.

A princess cut diamond may vary in shape from square to rectangle, with a ratio based on length to width. For instance a princess cut diamond with a ratio of 1.0 will be square and one with a ratio of 1.2 will be more rectangular. The ratio determines how the diamond will look from above.

But here’s something good to know when you’re buying a princess cut engagement ring: Princess cut diamonds feature 57 or 76 facets, cut similar to the round diamond to create brilliant sparkle, but with much less waste. (That means, all of the 4Cs held the same, a princess diamond will be cheaper than a round at the same carat weight.) The brilliance of a princess cut diamond sometimes hides inclusions which can make it a more affordable option for budget-conscious buyers. As with any diamond, customers should consider the 4 Cs – cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. These factors will play an important role in the final price of a diamond engagement ring, regardless of the shape.

Popularity and trends with princess cut diamond engagement rings

Princess cut rings have been gaining in popularity so much so that they are now considered the second most popular style after the round brilliant cut ring. While the round cut remains a popular choice, as more brides wish to break away from the traditional options they are being drawn to the beauty and uniqueness of the princess cut. One of the reasons that princess cut diamonds are a popular choice is that they appear larger from the side view, despite being somewhat smaller in diameter than round diamonds.

Princess cut diamonds are a popular choice with brides because of their brilliance and versatility in design. They are also considered to be a more modern shape which can be an attractive choice for brides that prefer a more modern style. This chic square design can be incorporated into a variety of settings and styles which gives brides a lot of choice in a ring that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

More couples are choosing to buy princess cut rings because of their elegance and maximum sparkle. However because the round brilliant cut accounts for three-quarters of the diamond market and is the most common in engagement rings today, those looking for a more individual style are also choosing the princess cut to stand out and make a personal statement.

Sizing and pricing

Princess cut diamonds are usually a little less expensive than round diamonds because of the way they are cut. There is more wastage when cutting a round diamond, which requires roughly 1 carat of rough diamond to create a 0.40ct polished diamond. A princess cut diamond by contrast requires roughly 1 carat of rough diamond to create a 0.80ct to 0.90ct polished diamond. This reduction in waste (or greater yield) means that it is less expensive to buy princess cut rings than round cut rings. Learn more about diamond pricing.

Those that choose to buy princess cut engagement rings are not likely to be disappointed by their brilliant sparkle and radiant beauty. Any engagement ring is a personal choice and should reflect the devotion and love that a couple pledge to each other.

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