January 28th, 2020 | by Nicole Diamond

What are the Top Ten Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her?

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

The tradition dates back to a Roman festival called Lupercalia. Its romantic roots emphasized fertility that is often symbolized by the springtime. Since then, the holiday has been altered slightly to emphasize gift-giving and romance instead. With that said, many find themselves worrying about getting just the right gift this time of year–asking questions like what is the best Valentine’s Day gift? We plan to help you figure that out by giving you our top ten Valentine’s Day gifts for her, or whomever you want to gift.

As you plan what for Valentine’s Day, allow this gift guide to help. A necklace is a great Valentine’s Day gift because it can be expressive yet simple. It’s also a great alternative from a traditional ring. At With Clarity, we’ve just added a range of diamond necklaces that make the perfect present for any special occasion.

Things to Keep in Mind

When shopping for a necklace as a gift, consider the following diamond attributes:

What is your partner’s style? What are their preferences? Are they environmentally conscious? It is important to know the answer to these questions because it will affect what diamond color, carat weight, and shape to choose. The three factors listed above (color, size, and shape) heavily attribute to its price-tag.

Side note: Budgeting

Additionally, it should be noted that the average budget for a Valentine’s Day gift in the US is around $340. However, budgets do depend on many personal factors, so keep everything in mind when trying to figure out what works well for you. If you want to save some money, we recommend looking into lab diamonds. They are real diamonds, and they are chemically and optically identical to natural diamonds. Lab diamonds or man made diamonds, are cheaper because they are made in a laboratory setting, and not mined from the earth.

Top Ten Valentine’s Day Gifts

Available in White Gold or Yellow Gold–Natural Diamond or Lab Diamond.

infinity heart pendant necklace

Infinity Heart Pendant

Hearts that connect eternally with gemstones linking make this an excellent gift for holidays and anniversaries. The classic infinity design on this lovely diamond necklace is given a slight twist (pun intended), with two hearts that connect to become one. This is symbolic of the love that you and your significant other share together. Allow her to imagine your infinity together. This necklace combines traditionality and modernity effortlessly.

diamond infinity love knot pendant necklace

Diamond Infinity Love Knot Pendant

This is a classic love knot with a symbolic infinity design that represents your eternal love. It is reminiscent of antique pieces that have graced collar bones for centuries. The elongated pendant is flattering to its wearer as it gives the illusion of added height. This diamond circle necklace design is for those with a taste for glamour and vintage romance. The infinity symbol hidden within the piece is reflective of iconic art deco styles.

Solid Diamond Heart pendant

This solid precious metal heart with a beating gemstone is the perfect way to let your love shine through. A diamond pendant necklace is minimalistic, yet, says what you want to without using words. The diamond in the middle of the heart expresses your undying love. It represents your strong relationship that is made to last, much like this piece. It’s known that diamonds transcend generations, and are designed to last a lifetime.

Double Bail Princess Diamond Pendant

A classic princess gemstone solitaire necklace makes the perfect present for any occasion. When you need to show your love in a simple way, classic pieces are the best choice. An alternative metal option is also there if you want this in yellow gold or rose gold. This diamond solitaire necklace shines without being too loud. It encompasses a simple token that reminds your partner that you see them simply for who they are.

Diamond Love Knot Pendant

This classic and unique single stone love knot pendant holds your bond tight. Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to remind you of what makes you inseparable. Each ring represents a layer of your bond and a chapter of your story. They meet together at the end with one sparkling diamond. This round diamond cut necklace allows you to see the future while reminiscing about the past and present. If you see your love as golden, we have this pendant also in yellow gold.

Bezel Diamond Journey Pendant

These diamonds enclosed by the bezel setting represent the journey of your love. This gold diamond necklace is both elegant and refined. It also showcases your mate’s personality with its quirky and fun touches. The connecting circle pieces represent the connection you have shared throughout your journey. Each diamond is carefully crafted to fit perfectly with the next. They are a small detail that helps encompass the beautiful bond that you share.

Interlocking Diamond Circle Pendant

Here is a pair of weaving circles with two gemstones, one for each of you, truly representing a perfect connection. The rings on this gold diamond necklace interlock, much like your hands, as you explore the world together. These diamonds are subtle and classy while being perfectly placed. They merge with the gold rings effortlessly. This piece is timeless for years to come.

Diamond Oval Cluster Pendant

This cluster of diamonds forms an oval shape in a simple yet exquisite design. This diamond necklace is sure to impress someone with an eye for the unique. The starburst pattern makes these diamonds shine even more brilliantly.

Diamond Spiral Pendant

Spiraling diamonds curve toward a larger center gemstone, providing an intricate and distinctive design. This white gold diamond necklace is reminiscent of a flower. Its petals intertwine with each other to tell a coherent, beautiful story. Smaller diamonds line these petals, emphasizing the larger round-cut diamond in the middle. Each individual diamond shines in its own right, much like the light in your lover’s eyes.

Round Diamond Halo Pendant

A stunning round-cut gemstone circled by sparkling accent diamonds is perfect for your classic love. This simple diamond necklace is sure to please. Things are considered classic for a reason. These diamonds come together to form one whole wonder. Much like your relationship, these diamonds shine separately, but even better together. This elegant piece is set to dazzle anyone that loves simple, refined glamour.

Many people communicate their love by giving gifts. Holidays like Valentine’s Day are a great time to express this with your significant other. These jewelry pieces range from classic to modern and are sure to fit your love. Each one tells an element of your story and can reaffirm your undying bond.

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