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November 5th, 2020 | by Editorial Team

A Planetarium Proposal: Tyler & Kasey

With engagement season underway, we can’t help but share this beautiful relationship story and Chicago/planetarium proposal. Read more to know about Tyler and Kasey, a couple who both appreciate a nicely handwritten letter and a beautiful skyline view.

Read more about this #MyWithClarityStory proposal below.


Letters to Kasey: 

Throughout Tyler and Kasey’s relationship, Tyler has wrote letters to her. Kasey said “there’s something about reading them over and over that I love.” But the love gestures do not stop there! After they lived together for a year, Tyler begun to leave little sweet notes around the house in place of the love letters. 

Fast forward to June 2019. Tyler had just graduated with his Ph.D. in Chicago and we were preparing to start a new chapter in Colorado. 

How the Planetarium Proposal Happened

In summer of 2019, Tyler graduated with a Ph.D and the couple was about to start a new chapter in Colorado. Before setting off to their new homebase, Tyler suggested to take their bikes downtown to Adler Planetarium on Northerly Island, and then to meet friends for dinner. Kasey loved the idea and said “…it was the perfect way to say goodbye to the place we called home for 3 years together. It was chilly but I was grateful to enjoy the city together one last time.”

Chicago Skyline: Source: Pexels

After biking for some time, they reached the Alder Planetarium and stopped to rest at a place where you can see the entire Chicago skyline. While taking in the views Tyler reached into his backpack to pull out a letter for Kasey. He knew Kasey has been wanting a letter so he got around to finally writing one. Kasey said it was the best letter she ever received. Tyler asked Kasey to stand up, while he got down on one knee to propose.

The Engagement Ring

Tyler and Kasey’s Chicago skyline/planetarium proposal featured our Petite Solitaire Engagement Ring with a 1.26 carat emerald diamond. The Petite Solitaire engagement Ring is popular because it has a thin band with smooth edges that showcases the center stone beautifully. This style is great for a traditional, yet modern bride-to-be. A solitaire ring style is very traditional but choosing an emerald shape adds a beautiful contemporary touch.

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