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March 25th, 2021 | by Jasmine Wilson

Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts To Make Her Feel Like A Gem

Mother’s Day is approaching (May 9th!), and we know you might be searching for that perfect gift that represents your mom. While brainstorming for what would be the most perfect and sentimental gift for a mom on Mothers Day, we weren’t thinking of a candle or some perfume. Instead, a gift of something exceptional that signifies just how much mom means to us. And of course, we thought what is better than jewelry! A beautifully crafted ring or necklace is perfect for the woman that has devoted so much to her children.

Mothers are such incredible superwomen. They’re mothers first and foremost, but they are also the best friend their child could ever have, so continue reading this article to find out the perfect piece of jewelry to gift mom for Mother’s Day 2021.

Why Jewelry Makes An Excellent Gift For Mother’s Day

As we all know, flowers and chocolates are great gifts, but they are fleeting. Jewelry isn’t. Gifting mom a beautiful sparkly piece of jewelry will allow her to shine all year, and sometimes the best gift is a sparkly gem that makes mom feel like the star that she is.

When considering to gift mom with a gorgeous jewelry piece, take into account what her personality is like. Does she love dainty pieces? What does her current jewelry collection look like? Is she more conservative when it comes to diamonds, or does she like the natural kind?

Choosing from an elegant everyday diamond ring to a classic pendant necklace, we have an abundance of options to help you find the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

Trending Jewelry Styles As Gifts For Mothers

Delicate sterling silver jewelry pieces are a fantastic option for moms that are busy bees but love to look chic. The Flower Links Lab Diamond Bracelet is a classic look that is exquisite and brilliant.

Drop hoops is a trend that won’t be going anywhere for a long time. Elevating every outfit worn, hoops can be the statement piece a lady needs in her collection. The Stellar Lab Diamond Hoop Earrings add a flair touch to your everyday attire and shines through day and night.

Chunky statement rings are a definite trend that looks fabulous on every woman. Choosing to gift mom with a diamond ring such as the Lustre Lab Diamond Ring or the Dreamlight Lab Diamond Ring will be just the show stopping gift she’ll rock year-round!

Trending Jewelry Styles As Gifts For Mothers

Moms can never go wrong with a new addition to her jewelry collection, and below we have listed the five popular styles of jewelry that are used for gifting!

Miracle Plate Stud Earrings

Miracle Plate Stud Earrings

These beauties are a classic and stunning pair. These stud earrings will make a wonderful gift for mothers that like to keep things in check but doing it classy.

Solitaire Halo Pendant

Solitaire Halo Pendant

Solitaire Halo Pendant Adding this dazzling necklace to Mom’s collection never hurts. In fact, it will elevate any outfit she puts on! The stunning diamonds encircling around a more prominent, striking diamond adds a bit of “je ne sais quoi.”

Moxie Lab Diamond Hoop Earrings

Moxie Lab Diamond Hoop Earrings

These intriguing diamond-studded hoops radiate shimmering gold and will embrace any fit mom puts on. Yes, these are lab grown diamonds, but they are our finest lab-grown diamonds! Mom will absolutely dazzle in the day and night, making her feel like a goddess.

Adventina Lab Diamond Pendant

Adventina Lab Diamond Pendant

Made with love and representing an inseparable bond. This shining lab diamond pendant necklace is perfect for the mom that loves hard and wholly. The design is a gorgeous interpretation of a ‘heart close to her heart.’ Moms will love this and always think of their beloved child when looking at it.

Spangle Lab Diamond Ring

Spangle Lab Diamond Ring

Whether mom is a fan of natural or lab grown diamonds, you’ll never go wrong with a timeless and classic ring. Rings that make a standout addition to her collection will let her know you are showing her an expression of your love and appreciation for her.

The Ever Growing Popularity of Lab Grown Diamonds and Why You Should Consider It For Mother’s Day 2021

It is pretty evident that Millennials and Generation Xers are straying away from mined diamonds. The environmental and humanitarian risks are far too high to be considered justifiable to spend their hard earned money on them. There have been so many opinions and facts that have leaked from the diamond mining industry over the years that researchers and scientists thought the most ethical way to collect diamonds would be the man-make them.

Although lab grown diamonds are grown inside a laboratory or factory by scientists instead of naturally produced in the Earth’s crust, they are still genuine diamonds because they represent the same properties as natural diamonds. Lab grown diamonds and natural mined diamonds actually don’t have much in differences. What it comes down to is the ethical choices and the stones themselves. With lab grown diamonds, creating them is very similar to the natural way the Earth makes diamonds, using high pressure, extreme heat, and carbon but just in a laboratory.

One thing to note about lab grown diamonds versus mined diamonds is that they are typically 30% less in cost but all the same in quality, durability, and appearance. So if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, lab created diamonds are a great resource!

Treat a Mom this Mother’s Day!

As a mom, receiving a beautiful gift of fine jewelry will allow her to acknowledge the significant place that she has in her child’s life. You can be sure that this gift will leave a lasting impression and definitely make mom smile.

Browse our brilliant collection of made for you lab created diamonds for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day 2021!

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