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April 6th, 2021 | by Anubh Shah

Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms

Few things in life are more enduring than a mother’s love. This year, show your mom how much you love and appreciate her by giving her something almost as durable and ever-lasting: a piece from With Clarity’s impeccable Made For You collection.

It’s easy and tempting to give mom a new coffee maker or the latest streaming console this Mother’s Day. As practical and convenient as these presents might be, they’re not really the personal gift your mom deserves. She should receive something special and unique – something like a new piece of jewelry only she can wear daily.

Celebrating New Moms

Each pregnancy is as memorable and unique as the last, and while moms everywhere will deny having a favorite child, many openly agree their first time becoming mothers is one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Such an important event in a woman’s life should be adequately celebrated, and the following guide will help you find some amazing gifts for new moms.

Diamond pieces are rife with meaning. They signify many things – beauty, love, and eternity among them, chief qualities that define motherhood. A mother’s love is as timeless and everlasting as a rock-hard diamond, be it natural or lab created. It doesn’t hurt that diamonds will always compliment a woman’s look no matter how many kids she’s had, how much her body has changed, or how old she is. Much like the heart necklace or gold bracelet, a diamond piece will age well and never go out of style.

What is a Lab Grown Diamond?

As you shop for diamond pieces, you’ll soon have to decide whether you want a “real” diamond or a “lab diamond.” Lab grown diamonds are precious stones created in a lab. Made out of the same materials and composition as diamonds mined from the earth, they are grown in a controlled setting under extreme pressure and heat to accelerate the production process. Lab created diamonds are also known as cultivated diamonds or cultured diamonds.

Rising Popularity in Lab Diamonds

Because a lab grown diamond can be produced at a much faster pace while still having the same chemical structure and optical properties of a “real” diamond,” they are highly popular and sought-after across all markets. Their popularity, however, can be attributed to more than just their production time.

The Pros of Lab Diamond Jewelry

Lab diamond jewelry is rich with perks and benefits. In addition to saving us hundreds of years and dollars in the production process, lab diamonds can help both customers’ wallets and the environment – they truly are some of the best gifts for new moms.


To the surprise of no one, mining diamonds buried deep in the earth’s sediments is an arduous task. On the other hand, growing a diamond in a lab takes considerably less energy and exerts less damage to the built environment.


Lab diamonds are generally less expensive than natural diamonds. Colored diamonds, in particular, are noticeably cheaper when grown in a lab since they are extremely rare in the wild.  

Jewelry Gift Ideas for New Moms

If you’re looking for Mother’s Day gifts for new moms, you’ve come to the right place. With Clarity offers a great variety of statement jewelry pieces for moms of all ages and preferences, more than just the diamond necklace or 14K gold earrings you find at your average jewelry store. Some of our favorite picks include:

Miracle Plate Stud Earrings

Miracle Plate Stud Earrings

These gold plated stud earrings feature a plump diamond in simple and delicate framing. The earrings are youthful at the same time that they communicate a mature sensibility, one of the best gifts for new moms.

Trinity Lab Diamond Pendant

Trinity Lab Diamond Pendant

A 10K white gold pendant, this type of item is great for fashion-conscious moms. It is a beautiful, in style jewelry piece that looks best clutched in the hand of your baby!

Essence Lab Diamond Hoop Earrings

Essence Lab Diamond Hoop Earrings

Every woman needs a pair of gold earrings. This particular pair is a 10K yellow gold piece adorned with a band of tiny, sparkling diamonds sure to catch your eye. It is perfect for the everyday look.

In addition to diamond earrings and pendants, With Clarity also specializes in all things rings. You can even preview an item from the comfort of your home before deciding whether or not to purchase. Some of your options include:

Poise Basket Ruby Ring

Poise Basket Ruby Ring

This ring is elegance personified. Resting on a 14K white gold band, a red jewel of up to 2 carats shines bright like a red moon.

Cathedral Twist Aquamarine Ring

Cathedral Twist Aquamarine Ring

lso a 14K white gold band, the Cathedral Twist Aquamarine Ring is a favorite among young new moms for its fresh-faced appearance.

Flourish Solitaire Amethyst Ring

Flourish Solitaire Amethyst Ring

Last but not least, another 14K white gold ring but with a purple gem. The choice of color exudes life, one of the best gifts for new moms just starting their journey.

As you can see, these pieces are beautiful and playful, the perfect gift for new moms this Mother’s Day. When it comes to in style jewelry, you want jewelry that communicates something interesting. Striking the right balance between fun and serene, With Clarity simplifies shopping for your next present.

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