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Rustic Style Wedding and Matching Jewelry

July 13th, 2022 | by Editorial Team

Rustic Style Weddings

Almost everyone has a dream wedding that has been in the back of their mind since they were kids. Meticulously mapping out every little detail from the flower arrangements to the location. For some, a rustic wedding might not be traditional, but it is their dream wedding.

Rustic style weddings are quite different from others. They often take place outside in the country or in a farm-like environment, sometimes in the mountains. They are usually very relaxed compared to a more traditional wedding. The music is a bit more folk-like rather than classical, and the attire is a lot more relaxed and casual. Once dinner rolls around, think of home-cooked meals rather than a five-star restaurant experience.

Rustic style weddings are pretty casual and when it comes to the planning and cost, they are usually a lot more simple to deal with. However, the jewelry side of a rustic wedding can often be just as overwhelming as a traditional style. Fortunately, if you are in the market for some jewelry for your rustic wedding, we have a few styles in mind that will help you narrow down your decision.

Wedding Bands For Rustic Weddings

Filigree Pattern Yellow Gold Wedding Band

Filigree Pattern Yellow Gold Wedding Band

If you are in the market for a wedding band, the Filigree pattern yellow gold wedding band is one of the best choices for a rustic style wedding. For starters, 18 karat yellow gold is the ultimate choice for rustic style jewelry. 8 karat gold is softer than 14 karat and will therefore age beautifully over time and gain a vintage patina.

Additionally, when looking for a rustic style ring, think of vintage styles. Often, in rustic style weddings, they will get second-hand items to build the aesthetic and yellow gold is the most common metal used on rings.

On this ring, the filigree curls around the ring to create a unique and vintage style pattern that is sure to catch the attention of anyone who likes the rustic style. The diamond setting is plain and yet eye-catching. A diamond is the ultimate choice for a rustic style wedding due to its classic and traditional look.

Vintage Milgrain Diamond Wedding Band

Vintage Milgrain Diamond Wedding Band

Milgrain is a wonderful decorative accent in a ring when you are looking for something a little more vintage style. The vintage migraine diamond engagement ring has a unique design that has an elegant yet rustic feel.

The alternating scalloped design is trimmed with milgrain and accent diamonds that wrap around the band. The 18k gold and the pave setting for the diamonds work together beautifully to create a classic yet unique piece that any bride would be proud to wear.

Top Picks for Necklaces

Diamonds by the Yard Necklace

Diamonds by the Yard Necklace

If you aren’t looking for a ring and would rather go with something like a necklace, the lab diamonds by the yard necklace in 14k yellow gold is the ultimate choice. 14k yellow gold is a more appropriate option than white gold because it looks more vintage and ages over time, while white gold will hold a more modern feel.

The necklace features round lab grown diamonds periodically throughout the18” cable chain that is thin but large enough that the details come through

Floral Style Diamond Cluster Pendant

Floral Style Diamond Cluster Pendant

The floral style diamond cluster pendant is another great necklace choice for a rustic style wedding. To really send the vintage vibe home, choose 14k yellow gold rather than white.

This necklace is an absolute stunner because it is all sparkle with very little metal showing. There is a large cluster of lab gemstones surrounding one larger gemstone that create the shape of a star. The gemstones sparkle and the yellow gold warms the entire piece with a vintage vibe.

Top Picks for Earrings

Last but not least, earrings. Depending on how the bride is wearing her hair, an earring is a great piece to wear to a rustic style wedding. They are subtle yet make a huge statement and won’t get in the way or get banged up in the ceremony.

Inside Out Diamond Hoops in Yellow Gold

Inside Out Diamond Hoops in Yellow Gold

The inside-out lab diamond round hoops are the ultimate choice for a rustic style wedding. They are made with 14k yellow gold which is the classic choice for a vintage style. The round hoop is filled with diamonds to ensure you are sparkling from every angle. The diamonds are lab grown which ensures they are affordable but shine brighter than even some naturally mined diamonds.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Rustic Wedding Jewelry

When shopping for rustic wedding jewelry be sure to always think carefully about your budget. Not everyone has the desire or the financial freedom to spend a ton of money on a ring, discuss this budget with your partner and try to find a middle ground you are both happy with.

If you buy diamonds, ensure they come from ethical sources. Lab grown diamonds are more affordable and are often more ethical than naturally mined diamonds. They are usually more beautiful, and bright as the lab has more control over their imperfections.

Choose a reputable source with good reviews and a good return policy. Any good diamond seller will have certifications like GIA and IGI so you can be confident about your purchase.

If you are getting a wedding ring set with different metals or a single ring that has different metals mixed into it, ensure that you are not allergic to any of the metals in the ring before buying. Additionally, it is smart to keep similar tones together in the rings as silver and gold don’t often mix well together.


1.       Which jewelry is best for a bride?

The best jewelry for a bride is a gold and diamond ring.

2.    What is the trending wedding ring style for rustic wedding?

The trending wedding ring style for a rustic wedding is a 18k yellow gold band with a simple diamond setting and designs on the band such as filigree.

3.    Which metal will be best for a rustic style wedding?

The best metal used for a rustic style wedding is yellow gold, usually 18k because it is softer and will develop a patina.

4.   What gemstones suit a rustic wedding theme? 

The gemstones that suit a rustic wedding theme are diamonds. They are classic and traditional. They also exude the vintage feel which is optimal for a rustic wedding style.

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