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Minimalist Promise Ring Styles

September 8th, 2022 | by Editorial Team

Minimalist Promise Ring Styles

Promise rings carry meaning and are an important piece of jewelry in any couple’s relationship. You can find promise rings in varying types of styles, from simple and minimalist to more extravagant and adorned. If you’re leaning towards a more simple ring, then continue reading to learn more about the most popular minimalist promise rings. 

Top Minimalist Promise Ring Styles

You’ll find a variety of elegant minimalist promise rings on the market. We gathered some favorites to give you a head start in finding your perfect ring.

Allure Diamond Ring

Allure Diamond Ring

This elegant princess-cut diamond ring features an open patterning of weaving metal work. The white gold metal accents look like abstract infinity symbols, making this a meaningful promise ring symbolizing everlasting love. It’s a delicate minimalist style ring with the sparkle of a center diamond and some accent diamonds on either side.

Gusto Diamond Ring

Gusto Diamond Ring

This design features a gorgeous combination of 14k yellow and white gold. Traditional yellow gold is on the outside of the band with 12 accent diamonds that work their way around half of the band. Two more accent diamonds add hidden details on the inner and outer edges of the diamond setting, and frame the center stone. It’s a good choice if your loved one likes mixed metals and wants a little more sparkle on a minimalist design.

Dawn Diamond Ring

Dawn Diamond Ring

This unique white gold promise ring represents a happy new beginning and the start of something exciting. It has two rows of diamonds on the band that come together and split to cradle the center diamond. These bands symbolize two people that come together. It offers plenty of diamond brilliance in a minimalist style but wants a unique, sparkling band.

Mesmerize Diamond Ring

Mesmerize Diamond Ring

This 14k white gold promise ring has a line of bezel-set diamonds in a cathedral style leading up to a high-set center diamond. This style looks classic and allows you to have a focal point with a larger, center diamond, but also features glittering diamonds on the band. Select this ring if your loved one loves a classic looking ring in a minimalist design.

Impresa Diamond Ring

Impresa Diamond Ring

This 14k white gold ring represents the perfect balance of nature and all the elements that come together to make your relationship unique. Its princes-cut center diamond is held in the middle band adorned with leaves and buds, much like your growing relationship. The metal bead work gives a vintage vibe, and it’s perfect for someone who adores vintage but wants a minimalist promise ring.

You’ll find several options for your minimal promise rings including types of metals and diamonds. Rings typically come in white, yellow and rose gold as well as platinum. These options impact the look and cost of the ring. Some have strong metal preferences either based on taste or skin sensitivities. 

Another option that impacts the cost of the promise ring is the type of diamond. Many give you the option of lab or natural diamonds. Natural diamonds are more rare, so they’ll cost you more. Lab diamonds are more affordable, and they provide consumers with a “real” diamond that shares the same chemical composition, optical properties, and physical features as natural diamonds. Additional benefits for lab diamond promise rings include being ethically sourced and conflict free and they’re ideal for someone who wants an eco-friendly diamond.  

Shopping Tips for Minimalist Promise Rings

As you shop for rings, you’ll want to keep the metal, setting, gemstone, budget and symbolism in mind. Metal affects the strength of the ring as well as the look and cost. You’ll see plenty of different styles of settings. Consider your loved one when picking the setting for your promise ring. You want to ensure it meshes with their style and reflects their taste. Similarly, consider how gemstones not only impact the ring’s look, but also your budget. You can select a promise ring with all types of gemstones from diamonds to sapphires. The gemstone depends on your budget and your loved one. Some like the symbolism of different stones or the meaning behind them, like a birthstone or a meaningful color in your relationship. 


  • What are promise rings? 

Promise rings are given to a loved one to symbolize love, loyalty, and commitment. They’re considered a pre-engagement ring for couples, but promise rings can represent any “promise” that you want to make to your special someone. 

  • On which finger do you wear the promise ring? 

People typically choose to wear a promise ring on the ring finger of their left hand. Some then move the promise ring to the right hand once they are married or wear it on a necklace. If the minimalist promise ring fires together with a future engagement ring and wedding ring, the rings can be worn stacked. 

  • What does a promise ring mean? 

A promise ring can mean whatever you want it to mean. It is a gift from the heart, and its meaning comes from your relationship as a couple. Some interpret the ring as a promise to marry one day, while others give promise rings to signify the love, loyalty, and commitment of their relationship. While the meaning varies, the loving gesture has a great impact on your loved one. 

  • At what stage of a relationship is the promise ring given? 

Every couple is different, so a promise ring really depends on your relationship. On average, promise rings are given after people have been dating for one to three years. 

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