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Top 10 Lab Diamond jewerly for everyday wear

September 28th, 2022 | by Editorial Team

Top 10 Lab Diamond Jewelry Selections for Daily Wear

Lab diamonds are a surprisingly stunning alternative to earth-mined diamonds, with the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as natural diamonds. Furthermore, they exhibit the same degree of elegance and sparkle without the cruelty or hefty price-tag. While a diamond that is grown in a controlled setting inside a laboratory may not be your idea of romance–lab diamonds are just as real as those mined from the earth. Additionally, they have shape, size, clarity, and color grades so you know you’re getting a quality stone.

From lab grown diamond earrings to lab grown diamond necklaces and everything in between, there are several options when it comes to lab grown diamond jewelry. All you need to know is what you’re looking for, the occasion, and your budget. Simply browse our top ten picks to gain a better idea.

Here are Our Top 10 Lab Diamond Jewelry Picks

Are you in search of lab grown diamond jewelry for everyday wear? If so, read on below to discover ten of our favorite items featuring lab created diamonds. Have a look.

Round Lab Diamond Halo Earrings

Round Lab Diamond Halo Earrings

The With Clarity Round Lab Diamond Halo Earrings take things a step further than your traditional stud earrings, as these lab grown diamond earrings feature round cut center stones, each surrounded by a halo of smaller, sparkling accent diamonds. Available in 14K white or yellow gold with a carat-weight of 0.65–these lab grown diamonds are held on the posts by three prongs, for an comfortable, lightweight feel and elegant, unique design perfect for dressing up or down.

From office attire to the little black dress, the Round Lab Diamond Halo Earrings can be worn daily. And thanks to their lovely yet simplistic design, they can easily be paired with another set of more elaborate earrings or necklace. If you’re searching for lab grown diamond earrings that are casual enough for daily wear but sparkly enough to acessorize a night on the town–these are a perfect option.

Elements Button Diamond Bracelet

Elements Button Diamond Bracelet

Available in rose vermeil, yellow vermeil, or sterling silver, the Elements Button Diamond Bracelet with lab created diamonds is a lovely selection with an antique feel. It boasts a round pendant with gold encircling a pool of brilliant pave diamonds for the perfect pop of style and sparkle. This lab created diamond bracelet is simple yet elegant, making it the ideal bracelet for casual, business, and formal wear.

Thanks to its simple elegance, this lab created bracelet is perfect alongside a watch or more detailed bracelet. Additionally, it looks just as good with a simple blouse as it does with a date night dress.

Lab Diamond Infinity Pendant

Lab Diamond Infinity Pendant

You can never go wrong with lab grown diamond necklaces–especially when it’s the Lab Diamond Infinity Pendant from With Clarity. Available in 14K yellow or white gold, this rolo chain with round links comes together with an inspirational infinity pendant fitted with dazzling, round cut diamonds. While guaranteed to sparkle for a lifetime, this lab diamond necklace is understated enough to pair with your daily outfits, whether it be office wear, holiday party attire, or a t-shirt and jeans.

The lightweight and simplistic design of the Lab Diamond Infinity Pendant makes it a highly comfortable accessory that be easily dressed up or down. Because the chain is small and the focus is on the pendant, you can either pair this diamond pendant necklace with another chain or wear it solo as more of a statement piece.

Allure Lab Diamond Ring

Allure Lab Diamond Ring

Are you seeking a lab created diamond ring? If so, look no further than the Allure Lab Diamond Ring from With Clarity. Not only does it features a brilliant square cut diamond surrounded by smaller round cut diamonds, these stones are affixed to an undeniably beautiful and elaborate gold ring. Perfect for a wedding, proposal, anniversary, or promise ring, this princess cut lab diamond ring is a highly unique and stylish piece of lab grown diamond jewelry. Beside the stones on either side, the 14K white gold band swirls and twists, proudly boasting even more accent diamonds within its curves.

Because this is a more elaborate design, it is best when paired when more simple, plain bands, or nothing at all. And while it does promote a showstopping design, it is understated enough to wear on a daily basis, dressing it up or down as is necessary.

Elements Mini Button Drop Diamond Huggies

Elements Mini Button Drop Diamond Huggies

Nothing quite beats a classic diamond studded hoop earring. At With Clarity, the Elements Mini Button Drop Diamond Huggies, available in sterling silver, rose vermeil, and yellow vermeil are a truly unique selection that takes the classic hoop earring a step further. For starters, the front edge of these lab grown diamond earrings are adorned with a line of brilliant, round cut pave diamonds that extend halfway around the circumfrence. This line of sparkle is further complemented by round, mini button drops containing even more pave diamonds for the ultimate in sparkle and style.

While they are indeed dazzling, these gold or vermeil diamond huggie earrings are small and understated enough to wear on a daily basis. Whether it be at work or running errands around town, these earrings can conveniently be dressed up or down, and they pair well with a classic pair of stud earrings or a statement necklace. Ultimately, these diamond drop earrings are the perfect choice for any woman.

Shoreline Diamond Mini Ring Bracelet

Shoreline Diamond Mini Ring Bracelet

The Shoreline Diamond Mini Ring Bracelet is an excellent lab created diamond bracelet with a number of interesting accents. Within its lovely 14K gold bead chain exists several link variations including a couple larger beads for a lovely spot of detail. Its focal point is that of a mini ring featuring 14K gold beads on one side and a halo of brilliant, round cut diamonds on the other. With a comfortable, loose fit, and an easy to use round clasp enclosure, this bracelet is easy to take on or off, and can easily be dressed up or down as you see fit.

Thanks to the elegant yet simple design of this lab created bracelet, it can easily be paired with larger, more intricate bracelets and watches. Furthermore, it can be beautifully styled along with a fancy dinner dress or blouse and jeans.

Lab Diamond Circle Pendant

Lab Diamond Circle Pendant

Nothing says I love you like a lab diamond necklace. With Clarity understands this better than anyone which is why they’re proud to present this stunning Lab Diamond Circle Pendant. Featuring a thin 14K white or yellow gold link chain, it comes together behind a spectacular white gold circle pendant that holds a bounty of lustrous round cut diamonds with a total carat-weight of .26-carats.

Again, thanks to the simplicity and relatively small size of this diamond pendant necklace, it can be easily be worn daily without the need for a special occasion or fancy dinner. Furtermore, it is lightweight and comfortable to wear, and can be paired with larger, more elaborate necklaces or statement earrings for a more pronounced look.

Revel Lab Diamond Ring

Revel Lab Diamond Ring

Contrary to popular belief, a lab created diamond ring is equally as durable and stunning as an earth-mined diamond ring and is available for a fraction of the price. The Revel Lab Diamond Ring features a bewitching design that is both uncomplicated and quite unique all at the same time. In the center, you’ll find three round cut diamonds, one large one in the middle, with a smaller round accent diamond on either side. And while the stones are brilliant, the band is what is truly alluring. The 14K white gold band appears layered with what looks like a stack of three thin bands. In turn, it can be worn alone or in unison with other thin bands to create a complete stack.

While this lab diamond ring appears hefty, it is quite lightweight and comfortable enough to wear everyday. From weddings and anniversaries to proposals and more–the Revel Lab Diamond Ring is perfect for gifting on any occasion.

Shoreline Drop Earrings

Shoreline Drop Earrings

Diamond drop earrings take the classic stud design and add an elegant, more detailed twist anyone can appreciate. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at With Clarity with their Shoreline Drop Earrings. With your choice of sterling silver or rose or yellow vermeil, these earrings begin at the lobe with a waterfall of seven stunning round cut diamonds. From there, the earrings ‘drop’ as the name implies, descending along a line of beads holding on to intricate round diamond pendants. The pendant itself is surrounded by beads that ultimately encompass a pool of round accent diamonds.

Thanks to their unique and detailed design, these diamond drop earrings are excellent on their own but can alternatively be paired with a set of simple stud earrings. Whether you’re headed to work or a friend’s baby shower, these earrings are additionally great for daily wear with a lightweight design that allows you to forget they’re there.

Elements Heart Diamond Bracelet

Elements Heart Diamond Bracelet

Does your significant other deserve a reminder that they’re loved and appreciated? Everyone does from time to time. If so, With Clarity’s Elements Heart Diamond Bracelet may appear basic at first, but it boasts a classic, romantic charm and pool of dazzling diamonds that are enough to make any woman blush. Available in rose vermeil, yellow vermeil, or sterling silver, the bracelet chain has a small beaded design broken up by spots of round links for a more distinct look. The chain leads to the focal point– a large heart comprised of spectacular, round cut accent diamonds.

Whether the recipient is a teacher, businesswoman, or stay-at-home mom, this bracelet is an excellent choice. Why? For starters, it is lightweight and comfortable enough to wear daily. And thanks to its smart, elegant design, it can be dressed up or down, looking just as marvelous with a t-shirt as it does with a business suit.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry

As you know, diamonds are widely admired by women everywhere. But what do they symbolize? Diamonds have Whether you’re looking for a lab created bracelet or a lab diamond ring, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you get exactly what you want. For starters, rather than following the trends and what’s popular, always consider the recipients personal preferences. This way, you can purchase a gift that person will truly love and appreciate. Next, you need to pinpoint your budget. Once you know what you can afford to spend, you can begin making big decisions like the type of metal that’s used, the cut of the stone, and its carat-weight. 

Ultimately, these are all factors that affect the price. For instance platinum is more expensive than white gold. Likewise, round, brilliant cut lab-diamonds are more expensive than other cuts. Finally, before pulling the trigger on one piece or the other – ensure you’re shopping with the right brand. A reputable jewelry retailer should provide all the services required to ensure an excellent shopping experience. For example:

  • Guidance by experienced gemologists
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy return/exchance policy


  • Are lab diamonds durable?

Lab grown diamonds rank at 10 on the hardness scale. This means yes, they are extremely durable.

  • Which metal best suits a lab diamond?

The metal you choose is entirely up to your personal preferences. From silver to gold and platinum, any of these metals suit lab diamonds.

  • Is it okay to wear lab diamond jewelry every day?

Luckily, lab created diamonds are perfect for everyday wear. Not only do they express your individuality, they allow you to reflect your personality effortlessly.

  • Are lab grown diamonds certified?

If you’re searching for Christmas gifts for a wide and are considering a bracelet, there are several popular options. First, Every diamond, whether lab grown or earth mined, comes with certification. In turn, every With Clarity lab created diamond jewelry piece is certified.

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