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Engagement Ring Trends from the 1980s

December 21st, 2022 | by Editorial Team

Engagement Ring Trends from the 1980s

The 1980s era is when engagement ring history was truly made. This was all due to Princess Diana and her iconic engagement ring. Everyone wanted a ring like hers. It set the trend for larger engagement rings, even if the stone itself wasn’t larger. Colored gemstones also surged in popularity after Princess Diana showed off her Sapphire engagement ring. 

The 1980s was the rise of bold and glamorous engagement rings, especially with significantly larger and colored gemstones. It was also the time when pear-shaped diamond engagement rings became very popular. Since Princess Diana’s ring had a halo setting, halo settings in all sizes became popular too. Cluster diamonds also became a trend during this era, and of course, the sapphire gemstone itself boomed in popularity. 

Engagement rings in the 1980s also had a strong metal appearance, especially with yellow gold. It allowed for more daring engagement ring designs that were more expressive as well. The cluster rings were perfect for showing the center gemstone(s) that were more often than not offset with a crown or accent of diamonds. In addition to sapphire, ruby was one of the other leading popular colored gemstones of the time. 

If you like the trends of engagement rings from the 1980s, we’ve hand-selected a list of our top five engagement rings with a 1980s vibe. Let’s go through them now.

Star Halo Sapphire Ring

Star Halo Sapphire Ring

This Star Halo Sapphire Ring screams the 1980s. It features a radiant circle of diamonds that surround the large center sapphire gemstone. They circle the blue sapphire in alternating sizes, which creates a beautiful star shape. The 0.35 carats of diamonds add both size and sparkle to this engagement ring that resembles something from the 1980s. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a halo-style ring but want something unique that will stand out.

Cathedral Halo Engagement Ring

Cathedral Halo Engagement Ring

This Cathedral Halo Engagement Ring is unique and imaginative. It’s a great option for those who want to stick to the traditional features of an engagement ring, but want a distinct look at the same time. This ring stands out due to its minimalist cathedral shank. It has a prong-set center diamond which is encircled by a single ring of small accent diamonds. It looks incredible with a pear-cut center diamond. The gallery has a simplistic swirl that provides additional support and style. The halo design and pear-cut diamond are perfect if you are inspired by engagement rings from the 1980s but don’t want a colored gemstone.

Heirloom Milgrain Ruby Ring

Heirloom Milgrain Ruby Ring

If you’re looking for an elegant ring, consider this Heirloom Milgrain Ruby Ring. If you love sparkle and intricate metalwork, this ring has both of those things. It also features two larger accent diamonds that total 0.1 carats. They flank the center ruby gemstone.

The beautiful metalwork adds a lot of character to the ring. This ring has a 1980s vibe due to the beautiful bright red ruby gemstone. It is sure to catch anyone’s attention. The diamonds on either side of it make it stand out even more and add depth to the ring.

Cluster Side Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Cluster Side Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

This Cluster Side Stone Diamond Engagement Ring is perfect if you’re looking for something glamorous to wear on your finger every day. It features a cluster of three sparkling diamonds on each side of the center diamond stone, which makes for a full and sparkling look. The accent diamonds are 0.3 carats in total.

The cluster side stones make the ring appear like it has a very large diamond from afar. Cluster diamonds became a trend in the 1980s, and they are here to stay. This stunning engagement ring allows for nearly the entire front of your finger to be covered with diamonds.

Saturn Double Halo Solitaire Engagement Ring

Saturn Double Halo Solitaire Engagement Ring

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, consider this Saturn Double Halo Solitaire Engagement Ring. It’s true to your unique love story. It features an understated avant-garde aesthetic. The band is smooth and polished, topped with a show-stopping centerpiece. The diamond center stone is encircled by a halo of diamonds – and not just any halo, a double halo. These two rows of diamonds that surround the center diamond are set in an asymmetric base, reminiscent of Saturn’s tilt.

It would make a great engagement ring if your partner loves astrology, or simply if they love unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry. The halo and overall large size of the ring resembles give off 1980s vibes.

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What does a sapphire ring symbolize?

A sapphire engagement ring symbolizes honesty and faithfulness, along with sincerity. It has been said to provide good fortune to your marriage and can offer strength and health. The deep symbolism of sapphires makes them a special and meaningful gemstone for engagement rings.

Are halo rings still in trend?

Yes, halo rings are definitely still in trend. The beauty of this style is everlasting.

What does a pear diamond represent?

Many people don’t know that pear-shaped diamonds have a meaning behind them. Their symbolism is based on their unique shape. It represents empowerment and strong will. The pear shape, which is also the shape of a tear, has been said to represent tears of joy. The exact type of tears you want for an engagement.

Which is the most popular gemstone for an engagement ring?  

Sapphires, emeralds, and rubies are the three most popular gemstones for an engagement ring.

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