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Engagement Ring Trends from the 1960s

January 2nd, 2023 | by Editorial Team

Engagement Ring Trends from the 1960s

Each period of time has different engagement ring trends, and it’s always interesting knowing how they came to be. If you like vintage-style rings and are looking for some inspiration for your own ring, consider one of the engagement ring trends from the 1960s. 

In the 1960s, everyone wanted a large and bold engagement ring. Anything with over-the-top diamonds was all the rage. The 1960s was really the rise of celebrities. When Elizabeth Taylor was given a 33-carat Asscher-cut ring by Richard Burton, it made headlines everywhere. Everyone was both in shock and awe, and thus, it set a major trend. 

Jackie Kennedy also had an influence on the engagement ring trends in the 1960s. She wore an emerald and diamond ring, which then caused a surge in the popularity of precious stones. 

The revival of the Art Deco movement was another trend of the 1960s. Even though the movement was from the 1920s and 1930s, it came back with a vengeance in the 60s. Rings inspired by the Art Deco movement had geometric features and linear styles. They gave uniqueness to each ring and as the name suggests, they were artistic. 

A few other engagement ring trends from the 1960s include Emerald cuts, pear-shaped diamonds, and the use of white metals (specifically platinum, sterling silver and white gold). White metals weren’t in style since the 1930s, so it was a big deal when they became popular again in the 60s due to the Art Deco-inspired rings that were now being produced. 

If you’re inspired by any of these trends, we’ve created a list of our top engagement rings with a 1960s vibe. Let’s go through them now.  

Vintage Art Deco Solitaire Ring

Vintage Art Deco Solitaire Ring

This Vintage Art Deco Solitaire Ring is a perfect example of a 1960s-inspired ring. It has intricate detailing like all rings of Art Deco style. The details highlight the stunning center diamond to create an overall beautifully elegant engagement ring. It has diamond-studded vintage motifs that combine pave and bezel settings with milgrain embellishment for added sparkle. It’s set in gold with 0.2 carats of setting diamond weight. It screams both vintage and Art Deco styles.

Three Stone Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Three Stone Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

This Three Stone Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring resembles one that would be sold in the 1960s. It features 0.46 carats of accent diamonds with a three stone style and classic tapered baguettes, along with round pave stones. The 1960s were all about lavishness and elegance, and the three large diamond stones on this ring certainly offer both those things.

Pave Love Knot Ruby Ring

Pave Love Knot Ruby Ring

This Pave Love Knot Ruby Ring has major 1960s vibes. It’s a sparkling ring style that showcases the center ruby with 0.31 carats of accent diamonds in a modern love knot design, encircling the bottom of the diamond. The ruby is bright red and beautiful. It resembles some of the precious stone engagement rings from the 1960s. The ruby also stands out perfectly from the white metal band.

Vintage Celtic Knot Engagement Ring

Vintage Celtic Knot Engagement Ring

This Vintage Celtic Knot Engagement Ring is perfect for anyone who loves the 1960s era. The dazzling center diamond has a four-claw setting with Celtic knot detail along the shank. A petal motif of diamond pave features in the gallery of the ring. It’s set in gold with 0.05 carats of setting diamond weight.

This engagement ring resembles one from the Art Deco style due to the geometric work of the band and the level of detail it has. It also looks incredible with a pear cut diamond.

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How does an Art Deco ring look?

All Art Deco rings can look different, however, they are usually characterized by the geometric patterns that they have. Art Deco rings can also have bold colors and have gemstones and jewels included in the ring. They are most often set in either platinum or white gold, even sterling silver sometimes. The most popular cuts for Art Deco rings include cushion cut, emerald cut, and Asscher cut. 

What makes a ring vintage?

A vintage ring has more to do with its style than its age, even though both can be accurate. The main thing to look out for is whether or not the ring says “Vintage-style.” If a ring is vintage-style, it is still a brand new ring. However, it has been crafted with a specific vintage era in mind. If the ring simply says “vintage” it could be a used one anywhere from 20-100+ years of age. 

What’s special about an asscher-cut diamond?

Asscher cut diamonds were specifically designed to enhance both the clarity and the luster of a diamond, or any stone. Many other cuts try to maximize the stone’s fire or brilliance, but Asscher cut differs in the way that luster and clarity are the main focus. Asscher cut stones are still bright, they simply have different characteristics than other cuts. 

What does a pear diamond symbolize?

A pear diamond has a few meanings. Firstly, the unique shape of the pear cut symbolizes independence, uniqueness, and strong will. The shape of a pear diamond is also the same shape of a tear, however, they resemble tears of joy and happiness rather than sadness. Pear cuts are comforting and have a calming aspect to them. When placed on a finger, they also offer an alluring effect that many other cuts don’t have. 

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