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Top 5 April Birthstone Rings that Make a Stunning Gift

February 1st, 2023 | by Editorial Team

Top 5 April Birthstone Rings that Make a Stunning Gift

Birthstone rings are a personal and meaningful gift for yourself or someone else. If you or someone you know has an April birthday, then you already know that April’s birthstone is a diamond. We’ve gathered our top five rings featuring this gorgeous, sparkling gem.   

First things first, let’s discuss some interesting facts about diamonds. Diamonds are the earth’s hardest natural substance, and only diamonds can scratch another diamond. In addition, diamonds are the only gems made of one element (carbon). You can find diamonds in every color of the rainbow, and the rarest natural diamond colors are blue, green, orange, and red.

In terms of meaning, diamonds are said to inspire imagination and ingenuity because diamonds illuminate and reflect. They’re also a symbol of  strength, fortitude and courage because of the gemstone’s hardness and invincibility, which drives away bad energy.

Natural Diamond Alternatives

Most don’t realize that lab grown diamonds are a “real” diamond that shares the same chemical composition, optical properties, and physical features as natural diamonds. If you’re looking for an alternative stone to earth-mined diamonds, lab-made diamonds are worth considering. In addition to costing less, lab-made diamonds continue to grow in popularity. Lab-created diamonds are conflict-free and eco-friendly. You can pinpoint where the lab-made diamond was created. While lab diamonds use energy to create them, the environmental impact is reduced. Mined diamonds impact environments, landscapes, and communities.  

April Birthstone Rings

We found our favorite April birthstone rings and have a collection of rings that’s sure to turn heads. Each of these pieces feature diamonds but each ring has special design elements that make it pop. 

Signature Mosaic Diamond Cigar Ring

Signature Mosaic Diamond Cigar Ring

This intricately-designed cigar-band style ring features a mix of pear and round cut lab-created diamonds. It’s made in 14K yellow gold and lustrous metal bars help to suspend diamonds to create a truly stunning piece. The ring is 1.16 carats total diamond weight. If you’re looking for a unique diamond ring for yourself or someone else, you’ll have to look at this ring.

Allure Lab Diamond Ring

Allure Lab Diamond Ring

An open patterning of weaving 14K white gold metal work is showcased in this unique ring, which makes it anything but a simple solitaire. The delicate design sparkles with several accent diamonds to represent a clear message. The center stone is 0.3 carats and the setting has 0.45 carats total weight.

Tapered Black Diamond Ring

Tapered Black Diamond Ring

This diamond ring is unique with the contrasting white and black diamonds. Its tapered ends trail off with 0.18 carats of white diamonds on the band and balance with the black center diamond. Select your favorite metal of 14K or 18K yellow, white, or rose gold and the size of the center black diamond from 0.5 to 2 carats.

Signature Mosaic Eternity Ring

Signature Mosaic Eternity Ring

This ring is a modern take on a classic eternity ring design. It’s a signature mosaic design that features pear and round cut lab-created bezel set diamonds to create a style you’ll never want to take off. This special piece is crafted in 14k gold with 1.25 carats total diamond weight. Gift it to your loved one or to yourself!

Signature Mother of Pearl and Diamond Ring

Signature Mother of Pearl and Diamond Ring

The opulence of the iridescent mother of pearl disc is surrounded by sparkling pavé-set, lab-created diamonds to create a modern, unique design. It’s set in 14k gold with 0.16 carats total diamond weight.

You’ll find amazing diamond birthstone rings for the April birthdays in your life (either your own or someone close to you). We selected our top five favorite diamond rings that are perfect for gift giving. They’re unique designs with unusual style elements that make them stand out from the rest. Diamond rings are a timeless gift that will be a cherished piece of jewelry for years.


What is the best alternative for the April birthstone? 

Lab diamonds are a great alternative for natural diamonds for those with April birthdays. If you’d not pay full price for a natural diamond but adore its meaning and brilliance, consider lab-made diamonds. Additional alternative April birthstones include white sapphire, opal, white topaz, and quartz. 

How can you tell if a diamond is genuine? 

You can perform a few at-home tests if you’d rather not take it to a professional jeweler. A sparkle test one test. Hold your diamond under a normal lamp and observe the bright shimmers of light bouncing off the diamond. A real diamond provides an exceptional sparkle since it reflects white light extremely well. Another test is the fog test. Put the stone in front of your mouth and fog it with your breath like you would a mirror. If it stays fogged for a couple seconds, it’s probably a fake. A real diamond disperses the heat from your breath instantaneously and won’t easily fog up. You can also purchase a diamond tester. 

What does the April birthstone represent? 

Diamonds are said to provide the wearer with better relationships and increased inner strength. Wearing diamonds is said to bring other benefits such as balance, clarity, and abundance. The stone also attracts abundance, strength, power, courage, fortitude, creativity, imagination, purity, harmony, faithfulness, innocence, increased feelings of self-respect, and love.

Are black diamond rings trendy? 

Black diamonds are trendy – they’re dark, mysterious, exotic, and eye-catching. Rather than reflect light like white diamonds, black diamonds absorb light so their beauty is on its surface rather than their sparkle. 

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