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10 surprising facts about lab diamonds

10 Surprising Facts about Lab Diamonds

If you want to learn more about lab diamonds and what they’re all about, you’ve come to the right place. Lab diamonds are steadily working their way into becoming an excellent alternative to earth-mined diamonds. They already are an increasingly popular alternative that hundreds of thousands of people opt for each day.  Their popularity continues…

Hope Diamond Story and Curse

The Hope Diamond Story and Curse

The Hope Diamond, a stone as alluring as it is mysterious, is a major draw for all who go to see it. Its discovery brought about terrible fates for seemingly everyone who came into contact with it, leading many to believe that the gem was cursed. Whether or not the Hope Diamond has mystical powers,…

Lab Grown Diamonds Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Lab Grown Diamonds

You’ve likely heard the term lab diamonds before, but what exactly is a lab diamond? Lab grown diamonds are a “real” diamond that shares the same chemical composition, optical properties, and physical features as natural diamonds. Keep reading to learn more about how lab diamonds get created and some advantages and cons to lab diamonds….

Lab Diamonds Near Me

Lab Diamonds Near Me

As we all know, diamond jewelry is one of the, if not the most popular, jewelry in the market today. It is molded into different pieces of jewelry that range from engagement rings to necklaces to bracelets.  People use it for gifts, sentiments, and other occasions to bring joy to that person. It is often…

Money Saving Tips for Buying Diamonds

Best Tips for Saving Money on Diamond Shopping

Jewelry shopping can always be stressful. Shopping for diamond jewelry can be especially daunting since diamonds are often purchased to celebrate significant life events. Always a popular choice for engagement rings, anniversary gifts, or simply to express your adoration, diamonds are both classic and increasingly popular. Despite generational changes in the popularity of many items,…

Birthday Gifts for Mom

Picking out a gift for your mom’s birthday isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be quite a challenge to pick out a gift for the woman who can do it all! Fortunately, nothing says I love you and thank you for everything you have done like a fine piece of sparkly jewelry. Our Jewelry…

Diamond Testers Guide

Guide to Diamond Testers

Diamonds continue to be a classic, sought-after gemstone, and the demand keeps on growing for these stunning, rare stones. With so many diamonds on the market, some people have purchased a diamond tester online or sought a professional jeweler to help them test their diamonds. While a diamond tester is one tool to test for…

All about blood diamonds

What is a Blood Diamond?

Fluorescence is the most misunderstood diamond attribute. Is it good or bad? Usually neither, but we break down exactly when you want a stone with fluorescence….

Celtic Knot Engagement Rings Guide

All About Salt and Pepper Diamonds

If you are used to the traditional look associated with diamond engagement rings or typical white diamond earring selections, you may find the look of salt and pepper diamond jewelry surprising. Salt and pepper diamonds are natural diamonds that have heavy black and white inclusions that give them a unique look. The nature of the…

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