asscher cut engagement ring setting on white background

Asscher Cut Engagement Rings That Channel the Art Deco Movement

Asscher diamonds have an architectural look that conjures the Art Deco era, but that doesn’t mean you have to lean into this. Here are some of our top designs, some of which play up this vintage-style feels, others that go another direction entirely….

woman's hand wearing square cut engagement ring

Go Bold with a Square (aka Princess) Cut Engagement Ring

Square diamond engagement rings have amazing dazzle factor and are the second most popular choice for engagement rings. They flatter any hand type and are a timeless and beautiful choice. Check out our favorite settings in this style….

round cut engagement rings mobile

Round Engagement Rings: There’s a Style for Everyone

Round engagement rings are the ultimate classic. And while some brides to be love leaning into all things traditional, others might not. But check out a couple of our favorite designs and you’ll see a traditional diamond shape doesn’t tie you to an antique style setting…

woman admiring her engagement ring engraving

Engagement Ring Engraving Ideas That Capture How You Feel

No matter what stylistic choices you make for your engagement ring, it’s going to be a meaningful symbol of your love and future together. But some couples like to personalize things even more by adding an engraved message. These can range from a simple and traditional statement of your affection to something quirkier that speaks…

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