Our Top 5 Affordable Preset Engagement Rings

Becoming engaged is one of the most exciting times in a couple’s lives. When you are shopping for the perfect engagement ring that represents your eternal love for each other, finding a ring that’s just as affordable as it is beautiful is not always easy. To save you from a stressful search, we have gathered…

Lifestyle Threestone Pear

Top Pear Shaped Three Stone Engagement Rings

When one diamond just isn’t enough, what do you do? You opt for three diamonds, of course! Make your bride-to-be’s finger glitter as bright as your love for her with a three stone engagement ring. Three stone engagement rings have this distinctive feature, two smaller side diamonds enhancing the brilliance of the centerpiece diamond. These…

The Rose Gold Buying Guide

In the last five years, or so rose gold has taken over. From iPhones with a rosy tint to environmentally conscious reusable rose gold straws, rose gold has certainly become a bit of a household fixture. Despite its new mainstream status, there are still ways to capitalize on the chic subtlety of this precious metal….

The Secret Glamour of the Hidden Halo

For some, your engagement ring should be eye-catching from the first glance. It should sparkle, catch the light just right, and attract the attention of every set of eyes in the room. What about those who want a ring that’s more than initially meets the eye? Something that carries its intrigue discretely but rewards those…

Nontraditional Ring

Top Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Your bride-to-be’s engagement ring should be as unique as she is — and while a classic design suits some brides, there are more options than ever before for engagement rings that break convention. If following the status quo is far from your style, read on to discover what makes an engagement ring non-traditional, and where…

Lifestyle Double Halo

Top Double Halo Engagement Rings

Every bride dreams of a ring that sparkles — and what ring sparkles brighter than a double halo diamond? Double-halo engagement rings feature two rings of smaller stones around the centerpiece diamond, calling even more attention to the shimmer and shine on your bride-to-be’s finger.  If you’re shopping for a double halo engagement ring, you’re…

Lifestyle Emerald Ring

Emerald vs. Cushion Cut: Which One Is for You?

It used to be for many optimistic brides-to-be that the cushion cut was the cut. However, the emerald cut may be changing that as emerald cut diamonds are gaining popularity by the day. So what should you do? Do you go for the diamond you thought you always wanted or the hot new thing that…

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