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Mother Of The Bride Jewelry Ideas

Top Jewelry Ideas for the Mother of the Bride

If your wedding is quickly approaching, it is probably safe to say you have your dress, shoes, jewelry, and accessories all carefully picked out. Your big day is one of the most beautiful and important moments of your life, and accordingly so, you want to look stunning! However, for a handful of moments, there’s another…

Minimalist Promise Ring Styles

Minimalist Promise Ring Styles

Promise rings carry meaning and are an important piece of jewelry in any couple’s relationship. You can find promise rings in varying types of styles, from simple and minimalist to more extravagant and adorned. If you’re leaning towards a more simple ring, then continue reading to learn more about the most popular minimalist promise rings. …

Dainty Promise Ring Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Dainty Promise Rings

When it comes to jewelry, some of us think size matters – and that’s okay! On the other hand, some women simply prefer a smaller, more meaningful option. If this sounds like the person for which you’d like to buy a promise ring, there are plenty of dainty promise rings from which to choose that…

Vintage Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Best Vintage Yellow Gold Engagement Rings for 2022

Planning an engagement and getting engaged are milestone moments that you’ll never forget. You also want an unforgettable ring to be part of that plan. Once you start browsing engagement rings, you’ll see how many styles are available. Keep an eye out for vintage engagement rings–their delicate details and unique settings make them a sought-after…

Vintage Oval Engagement Rings

Best Vintage Oval Engagement Rings

Getting engaged is a life changing milestone, and this important moment deserves a jaw dropping ring. You’ll see a variety of engagement ring styles, but vintage engagement rings have increased in popularity in recent years.  Brief History of Oval Diamonds Although diamonds have been cut into oval variations for hundreds of years (dating back to…

Last Minute Jewelry Gift Guide

The Complete Last Minute Jewelry Gift Guide

Whether there’s an upcoming holiday or you’re simply looking to show someone special how you feel about them, coming up with a great last-minute gift idea is undeniably stressful. However, if you find yourself in this position as many of us do, one thing is for sure; you can never go wrong with jewelry. From…

Wedding Hairstyles and Matching Jewelry

Wedding Hairstyles and Matching Jewelry

For most brides, the season between engagement and their actual wedding is a flurry of activity. This is unsurprising when you consider how much work goes into making your wedding a success. And for most brides, one of the biggest decisions is what dress they want to wear. When you consider that brides will be…

Locket Necklaces Styles

Best Locket Necklace Styles

Lockets are a charming, classic piece of jewelry that you see celebrities and regular people wearing. You’ll find lockets in all sorts of styles (more on that in a moment), and you can tuck in some pictures, a lock of hair, or another meaningful token that you carry close to your heart.  History of Lockets…

Best Single Diamond Necklaces

Best Single Diamond Necklaces

A single diamond necklace is also known as a solitaire necklace. They’re a classic, timeless piece of diamond jewelry that lasts a lifetime. You can dress it up or down and it’s perfect for everyday wear.  Solitaire diamond necklaces continue to be popular because they’re so versatile and have so many benefits:  Design element: The…

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