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What are the Top Ten Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her?

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day? The tradition dates back to a Roman festival called Lupercalia. Its romantic roots emphasized fertility that is often symbolized by the springtime. Since then, the holiday has been altered slightly to emphasize gift-giving and romance instead. With that said, many find themselves worrying about getting just the right gift…

The Rose Gold Buying Guide

In the last five years, or so rose gold has taken over. From iPhones with a rosy tint to environmentally conscious reusable rose gold straws, rose gold has certainly become a bit of a household fixture. Despite its new mainstream status, there are still ways to capitalize on the chic subtlety of this precious metal….

emerald engagement ring closeup on woman's finger

What You Need to Know Before Buying an Emerald Engagement Ring

Some modern women want anything but traditional when it comes to their wedding, including their engagement ring. Over the years, customers and jewelers have experimented with different gemstones as engagement ring alternatives. Engagement rings with emerald gemstones is one variation that rose quickly to trending status within the last couple of years. With an emerald,…

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