Santorini proposal: oval solitaire diamond engagement ring

A Splendid Santorini Proposal: Benjamin & Julia

Another photoshoot surprise proposal! Except this one takes place in Europe. Specifically in Santorini, Greece. In a picturesque coastal town called Oia. If you have seen photos of Santorini, expect to see many pictures from this charming village, with its traditional Cycladic houses and cave houses. Read more about this special #MyWithClarityStory Santorini proposal below….

With Clarity coronavirus proposals

Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak: Love Is Still Here

COVID-19 has swept the globe and has put many things at a complete halt for several months now. Even people who were planning to marry this summer and fall are having to postpone and/or cancel their plans. It’s made some people wonder if there’s any point in getting engaged since their loved ones can’t join…

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