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With Clarity vs. James Allen: Understanding the Difference

With Clarity vs. James Allen: Understanding the Difference

When it comes to shopping for fine jewelry, there are many retailers from which to choose. Among the two you will come across online are James Allen Jewelry and With Clarity. From men’s wedding bands to custom diamond jewelry, With Clarity goes above and beyond to provide top-quality products at unbeatable prices–and that’s only the…

Pear Ring Styles

Our Favorite Pear Ring Styles for 2022

When you think of rings, you may automatically picture a diamond-studded engagement ring. But, there’s more to rings than that. Weddings bands, engagement rings, mood rings, stackable rings — rings have always been a statement piece of jewelry.  They grace your fingers delicately and are known to add elegance to any outfit. From small delicate…

Promise Ring Sayings

What to Say When Giving a Promise Ring?

Promise rings symbolize love, loyalty, and commitment and are considered a pre-engagement ring for couples. The popularity of this loving gesture continues to gain popularity.  What Are Promise Rings? Believe it or not, promise rings have existed since ancient times. Laws stated that couples had to wait a specific amount of time between announcing an…

Tips for summer proposal

Tips for a Summer Proposal

People dream of their proposal, so all of those excited and nervous emotions are part of the life-changing moment. Sunshine, vacations and beautiful weather make summer a popular proposal season. Keep reading for a list of ideas and hints to help you create the perfect proposal for your loved one. Summer Proposal Ideas Plan a…

How to Prevent Earring Piercing Infections

How to Prevent Ear Piercing Infections

Earrings are some of the most commonly worn pieces of jewelry known to man. There are many reasons we love earrings, so much that we can endure the pain of new piercings. When it comes to piercing, pain is not the only thing that people worry about. Ear infections from earrings are also a major…

A Guide to Stacked Wedding Bands

If we can say one thing about weddings, it’s that they are steeped in tradition. Each culture has its own traditions, and in most countries, some form of wedding ring is worn. From here, though, we would argue that jewelry traditions are meant to be broken. In particular, there’s no reason why a bride MUST…

Lab Diamond Studs for Everyday Wear

There is no denying that Mother Nature has plenty to offer us, but it is also true that she can use some help from time to time. While diamonds that occur naturally are beautiful, we are lucky to have the technology to make them ourselves. And before you even ask: don’t worry, lab grown diamonds…

Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms

Few things in life are more enduring than a mother’s love. This year, show your mom how much you love and appreciate her by giving her something almost as durable and ever-lasting: a piece from With Clarity’s impeccable Made For You collection. It’s easy and tempting to give mom a new coffee maker or the…

Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts To Make Her Feel Like A Gem

Mother’s Day is approaching (May 9th!), and we know you might be searching for that perfect gift that represents your mom. While brainstorming for what would be the most perfect and sentimental gift for a mom on Mothers Day, we weren’t thinking of a candle or some perfume. Instead, a gift of something exceptional that…

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