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Plain Metal Wedding Bands

Plain Metal Wedding Bands: Why They’ll Always Remain in Vogue

Plain metal wedding bands continue to be a popular choice among couples due to their simplicity, elegance, and durability. They have withstood the test of time, and remain a classic choice for those looking for a timeless piece of jewelry. These bands can be made from a variety of metals, including gold, platinum, titanium, white…

Ultimate Guide to Eternity Bands

The Ultimate Guide to Eternity Bands

If you’re looking at this page, chances are that you have already heard about eternity bands. This is unsurprising when you consider that many celebrities where these rings, and the chances are you’ve seen a coworker or friend where an eternity band for women. But what is an eternity band? When is it appropriate to…

Lab Diamond Wedding Jewelry Gifts

Lab Diamond Wedding Jewelry Gifts to Give Your Daughter

A wedding is undoubtedly a momentous milestone for everyone involved. When a loved one gets married, it’s an occasion for celebration. A marriage becomes even more joyous and important when someone you know very well walks down the aisle. Someone like your daughter.  It’s likely that she’ll desire lovely accessories to highlight certain features of…

Wedding Venues in Florida

Best Wedding Venues in Florida

Getting Married in Florida Wedding planning can be overwhelming, especially when trying to decide on a venue. Florida is one of the most popular locations in the entire world to get married, and there are many reasons why. For one, Florida has some of the most famous beaches with pristine white sand, clear blue water,…

Choose wedding jewerly

How to Choose Wedding Jewelry?

For most women, getting married is one of the biggest days of her life. In fact, it’s been considered the woman’s greatest milestone for centuries. Because getting married is so important for most brides, there’s a lot of pressure to look nice. Often, hundreds of people will be there to share your joy and that…

Mother Of The Bride Jewelry Ideas

Top Jewelry Ideas for the Mother of the Bride

If your wedding is quickly approaching, it is probably safe to say you have your dress, shoes, jewelry, and accessories all carefully picked out. Your big day is one of the most beautiful and important moments of your life, and accordingly so, you want to look stunning! However, for a handful of moments, there’s another…

Wedding Venues in Pennsylvania

Best Wedding Venues in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a dream wedding state. Full of farmland and history, you are sure to find your dream wedding venue here. Whether it’s in the mountains, pastures, or in the city, there’s something for everyone. Venues range from rustic barn venues to castle-like estates.  Here are some of the best wedding venues in scenic Pennsylvania….

Two-Tone Anniversary Bands

Two-Tone Anniversary Bands

It’s important to celebrate every relationship milestone, and a thoughtful way to celebrate is by gifting an anniversary band. It lets your partner know how much they mean to you, and it’s a lovely way to memorialize an important anniversary. You can find anniversary bands in many different styles–from simple to more extravagant looks. A…

Anniversary Bands for Men

Anniversary Bands for Men

You’re probably familiar with the modern and traditional wedding anniversary gifts, such as cotton products for your second anniversary or gold for your 50th. But what if you want to give something that doesn’t fall into the standard categories? Like an anniversary band?  We believe that every relationship milestone is special. You might feel like…

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