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Top yellow gold pear shaped engagement rings

Pear shaped diamonds have undeniable romance. But that doesn’t mean every yellow gold pear shaped engagement ring is the same style. Check our 10 of our favorites below. You’ll see that even with this same diamond shape and metal combination, one ring can look dramatically different from the next. And that means you can find the perfect ring to suit your style.

yellow gold pear shaped engagement rings diamond basket solitaire

Diamond Basket Solitaire Engagement Ring

This stunning pear-shaped engagement ring is held in a “basket” studded with accent diamonds, along with diamond studded prongs, which beautifully highlight the center stone’s sparkle and shape. The band is domed but straight on the sides for a modern edge that keeps the simplicity from feeling old fashioned.

yellow gold pear shaped engagement rings cathedral pave

Cathedral Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

A traditional cathedral setting, accented with 0.16 carats of pave-set diamonds, rises to meet the pear-shaped diamond, securely held with elegant prongs. The band is wider, though not one of our widest band engagement rings, for a sturdy setting you know will always cradle your center diamond with care.

yellow gold pear shaped engagement rings vine diamond

Vine Diamond Engagement Ring

Vine-shaped bands are known for their romantic vibe, and this is no exception. One gold and one diamond-studded vine intertwine to create a stunning look. We have similar settings with bigger accent diamonds (some people prefer that look), but we love how these delicate bands flow gracefully around each other.

yellow gold pear shaped engagement rings coil accent

Coil Accent Diamond Engagement Ring

A slim coiled band achieves maximum impact, courtesy of more than two dozen inlaid accent diamonds. You’re going to love the top and profile of your ring with this band that lends a different look from every angle for visual interest that doesn’t go over the top.

yellow gold pear shaped engagement rings rising accents

Rising Accents Diamond Engagement Ring

In this truly unique design, elevated rows of accent diamonds (measuring 0.20 cts) rise toward your center stone. Accented indeed. You’ll want to examine your ring from every angle with this one. From the top the diamonds look inlaid, but you’ll see their magestic rise upward toward your center stone from the side.

yellow gold pear shaped engagement rings widening solitaire

Widening Solitaire Engagement Ring

Minimalist style, maximum elegance: This sleek, polished band widens near the classic solitaire setting for a sophisticated look. We think this band pairs particularly well with a pear shaped diamond because the subtle curve emphasizes the curved shoulders of the glimmering stone.

yellow gold pear shaped engagement rings five stone

Five Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Four fiery accent diamonds flank a central pear, creating a distinguished look and a field of sparkle. Three stone engagement rings might be classic, but brides-to-be who love a bolder look shouldn’t settle for less sparkle than they’ve dreamed just because of tradition. For them, only the five stone setting will do.

yellow gold pear shaped engagement rings pave halo

Pear Pave Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

A central pear-shaped diamond gets a romantic boost from pave set diamonds in a sparkling halo, and a diamond-accented gold band. The look isn’t just an elegant classic. We also love how the halo gives your central diamond, with its delicate point, protection so it stays as perfect as the day you propose for a lifetime.

yellow gold pear shaped engagement rings twisting vine

Twisting Vine Diamond Engagement Ring

Intertwined bands — one metal, one diamond-accented — rise like a ribbon up to a central pear-shaped stone. Think of this setting as the cousin of the previously mentioned Vine setting. On this one you’ll find thicker bands, larger accent diamonds, and a greater arch as the bands flow around one another.

yellow gold pear shaped engagement rings traditional pave

Traditional Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

Pure elegance. A super-slim band punches above its weight, holding a shimmering pear-shaped diamond flanked by ten accent stones. This is one traditional engagement ring for sure, and you’ll love how the accent diamonds extend just far enough down to band to make it look like it’s paved all the way around.


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