woman showing off split shank enaggement ring

Split Shank Engagement Rings That Make Room for Extra Sparkle

Split shank engagement rings feature a unique bold design, where the band splits near the diamond, creating a cradle-like look around the center stone and often creating the illusion of two bands rather than one. Sometimes, these bands are adorned with accent gemstones, typically diamonds, and other times they are plain, depending on the discretion…

man sliding traditional engagement ring on woman's finger

Traditional Engagement Ring Styles As Timeless As Your Love

Shopping for engagement rings can be a long, grueling process when all the different lingo is thrown out. “Solitaire” and “Halo” are commonly seen words, but what do they mean? And what styles fall under the umbrella of traditional engagement rings? Don’t worry, we’ll fill you in. A traditional engagement ring is all about the style. Most…

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