Kate Middletons engagement ring

All About Kate Middleton’s Engagement Ring

Celebrities are one of the largest sources of inspiration worldwide when it comes to fashion and beauty trends. Celebrity engagement rings are no exception. They provide couples with endless inspiration and ideas for their own ring choices.  One fashion icon who never fails to impress is Kate Middleton. Even though it’s been a few years…

Miranda Kerr engagement ring

All About Miranda Kerr’s Engagement Ring

For decades celebrity engagement rings have been inspiring brides-to-be. Just take Elizabeth Taylor, for example. Though she was engaged a whopping ten times, all of her rings never failed to catch our eye. Notably, The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond is a “celebration of marriage” ring that is still considered timeless and beautiful today.  Fast forward to…

With Clarity vs. Leibish

With Clarity vs. Leibish & Co.

A quick search online, and you’ll be amazed by how many different places there are to purchase fine jewelry. You’ve likely heard of more prominent names in the industry, such as Leibish & Co., but we’re here to tell you that With Clarity is another brand you certainly won’t want to miss. Don’t just take…

how to clean diamond earrings

How to Clean Diamond Earrings

Whether you have huggies, studs, or drops, your diamond earrings may be one of your most prized possessions. Sparkly and beautiful diamond earrings add the perfect pop to any outfit. Unfortunately, over time, their dazzle can become a little dull.  If your diamond earrings require some TLC, we’ve got just the thing! With our guide…

Charlotte Casiraghi engagement ring

All About Charlotte Casiraghi’s Engagement Ring

There’s a lot that goes on in the world of celebrity fashion. But engagement rings often seem to get the most attention. Just look at Kate Middleton’s sapphire engagement ring or Kourtney Kardashian’s oval-shaped stunner. We’re constantly inspired by these gorgeous pieces of jewelry.  One engagement ring, in particular, has always caught our eye, and…

Engagement Rings for Scorpio

Best Engagement Rings for Scorpio

If you or someone you know studies astrology, you know that your zodiac sign reveals attributes about your personality. Each zodiac sign has its own characteristics – some are strengths and others are weaknesses.  Each zodiac sign has specific traits that they’re known for – Scorpios are known for being passionate and powerful. Scorpios have…

Push Presents Jewelry 2022

Top Push Presents for 2022

You’ve likely packed the hospital bag, arranged the logistics to be away from home, and prepped for your baby’s birth. One piece you might be forgetting is the push present. A push present is a more recent trend where you give your loved one a gift once the baby arrives. Typically this present is jewelry….

Lab Diamond Wedding Jewelry Gifts

Lab Diamond Wedding Jewelry Gifts to Give Your Daughter

A wedding is undoubtedly a momentous milestone for everyone involved. When a loved one gets married, it’s an occasion for celebration. A marriage becomes even more joyous and important when someone you know very well walks down the aisle. Someone like your daughter.  It’s likely that she’ll desire lovely accessories to highlight certain features of…

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