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Cross Necklaces Guide

Guide to Cross Necklaces

Cross necklaces are some of the most popular jewelry items, and they are popular with people from all walks of life. How many times have we seen our favorite celebrities sporting beautiful cross necklaces and thought that we would love to have a cross that looked just like theirs! Because these are some of the…

Key Necklaces Guide

Guide to Key Necklaces

Looking for something pretty and eye-catching to wear? How about a striking key necklace? Dating back to the 6th century BC, the humble key has always been associated with opening up and revealing the unknown. What Does the Key Necklace Represent? Often regarded as good luck tokens in the Far East, key pendants are thought…

Fall Wedding Colors and Jewelry Inspirations

Fall Wedding Colors and Jewelry Inspirations

Getting married is an epic, life-changing moment in your life no matter when it occurs. But there’s something extra special when you have a fall wedding. There’s a hint of crisp autumn air, the leaves are changing, and it’s a romantic season. If you’re planning to be a fall bride, then we’ve got you covered….

Vintage Style Wedding and Matching Jewelry

Vintage Style Wedding and Matching Jewelry

Many people, especially women, visualize their wedding at a young age. Some even pick out every detail of their dream wedding long before getting engaged. One of these details includes the dream of having a vintage style wedding for a classic, elegant and timeless event.  What is a Vintage Wedding?  You might be wondering what…

Summer Wedding Colors and Jewelry Inspirations

Summer Wedding Colors and Jewelry Inspirations

Summer is a beautiful time of year, and it’s a popular wedding season because of the warm weather, vibrant flowers and the romance in the air. Your wedding day is one of your most important life moments, and you want every detail perfect. If you’re considering a summer wedding, then we’ve compiled helpful information to…

Guide to Custom Diamond Engagement Ring

Buying Engagement Rings Online from Popular Diamond Marketplaces

Not so long ago, buying an engagement ring always involved going to a jeweler, either in the mall or on main street. About the only exception would be if you wanted to look at vintage engagement rings, which you could sometimes get at a consignment shop or other outlet. Unfortunately, brick and mortar jewelry stores…

Recycled Metals in Jewelry

Recycled Metals in Fine Jewelry

You’ve probably seen the sign many times: “We buy gold!” or maybe, “Sell your gold here!”. But have you ever wondered once the buyer pays for your real gold jewelry what happens to it? The best gold pieces are often cleaned, repaired, and resold as vintage fine jewelry. Gold coins also frequently get resold as-is….

Necklace Gift for A Girlfriend

Necklace Gift for A Girlfriend

Is your girlfriend’s birthday coming up? Or are you looking for a valentine’s gift for her? Here are a few cute necklaces for a girlfriend. Pendants are elegant and go seamlessly well with almost every type of dressing. So, get ready to impress your favorite woman with the mentioned necklace designs. Popular Styles of Necklaces…

Promise Ring Sayings

What to Say When Giving a Promise Ring?

Promise rings symbolize love, loyalty, and commitment and are considered a pre-engagement ring for couples. The popularity of this loving gesture continues to gain popularity.  What Are Promise Rings? Believe it or not, promise rings have existed since ancient times. Laws stated that couples had to wait a specific amount of time between announcing an…

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