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5 occasions that deserve a jewelry gift

5 Occasions that Deserve a Gorgeous Jewelry Gift

There are some gifts that you can never go wrong with. They’re fit for nearly every occasion and thoughtful enough for any recipient. Cards and flowers are obvious choices, but one gift you certainly shouldn’t overlook is jewelry!  Chic and casual pieces, like stackable rings, can be the perfect birthday gift that shows how well…

Top 5 April Birthstone Rings that Make a Stunning Gift

Top 5 April Birthstone Rings that Make a Stunning Gift

Birthstone rings are a personal and meaningful gift for yourself or someone else. If you or someone you know has an April birthday, then you already know that April’s birthstone is a diamond. We’ve gathered our top five rings featuring this gorgeous, sparkling gem.    First things first, let’s discuss some interesting facts about diamonds. Diamonds…

5 Stunning Diamond Alternatives for Engagement Rings

5 Stunning Alternative Gems for Engagement Rings

While diamonds have traditionally been a popular choice for engagement rings due to their strength and symbolic representation of forever love and commitment, they may not be the best fit for everyone. If you are seeking a more affordable or unique option for your engagement ring, there are plenty of other beautiful gemstones to choose…

Moissanite Rings: Unique Designs

Moissanite was first discovered by a French scientist, Henri Moissan, in 1893. There was a massive meteorite shower where one fell to earth and the particles of this gem were embedded in its crater. At first, Henri and many other scientists thought Moissanite was a diamond but later recalled that the crystals they found were…

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