London Blue Topaz Three Stone Ring in white gold

Blue Topaz Ring Guide

Whether you’re looking for engagement proposal wedding rings or simply something nice for yourself, buying a piece of fine jewelry can be daunting. There are so many options out there, from the very plain to the super fancy, that most of us are limited only by our imagination or budget.  Engagement ring options Especially when…

Dog with Rings

You, Me, and The Dog

Recently, I sat down with a friend who was in pretty rough shape. “I’m proposing to my girlfriend, but I have no idea how to do it!” he lamented. I offered him this constructive anecdote about a mutual friend who just got engaged in St. Augustine, Florida, a place where she frequented on family trips…

woman admiring her engagement ring engraving

Engagement Ring Engraving Ideas That Capture How You Feel

No matter what stylistic choices you make for your engagement ring, it’s going to be a meaningful symbol of your love and future together. But some couples like to personalize things even more by adding an engraved message. These can range from a simple and traditional statement of your affection to something quirkier that speaks…

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