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Best Diamond Jewelry to wear to work

Best Diamond Jewelry to Wear to Work

Sporting the perfect outfit to work makes you look and feel more confident, and that’s important. Adding amazing accessories can pull your look together and level up your style. You might be curious what types of jewelry are appropriate for work, and if you are, you’re in luck. Keep reading for some guidelines on appropriate…

Christmas gifts for daughter

Christmas 2022: Top Gifts for Your Daughter

Christmas is a magical time of year! Holiday gatherings, happy memories, and Christmas joy in the air make it the best time of the year. One aspect of Christmas that is especially meaningful is exchanging gifts with loved ones. It’s a way to demonstrate your love and gratitude to the most important people in your…

WC vs Katkim

With Clarity vs. KATKIM 

If you’re looking into buying fine jewelry, you’ve likely begun to check out your options. Both online and in-person, there’s no shortage of amazing retailers. Whether you’re looking for lab-grown diamonds, natural diamonds, or gemstone jewelry, there are enough options of where to buy to make your head spin! While you’ve undoubtedly stumbled across retailers…

Top Christmas Gifts For Your Best Friend

Christmas 2022: Top Jewelry Gifts for Your Best Friend

The holiday season is one of the most important times of the year for many of us. Christmas brings so much joy to our lives, whether it’s from getting together with loved ones, or just the overall cheerful vibe from this time of year.  It can’t be denied that one of the most important elements…

Top Christmas Gifts For your Sister

Christmas 2022: Top Gifts for Your Sister

We love the holiday season. Not just because of the gift-giving or delicious holiday goodies but because we get to spend time with our family. If you have a sister, you’re probably familiar with the special bond between siblings. Your sister is your best friend, your confidante, and sometimes your arch enemy all rolled into…

Best Diamond Jewelry for Self Gifting

Best Lab Diamond Jewelry for Self-Gifting in 2022

Self-love and self-care go hand in hand. They’re the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. Part of loving yourself includes indulging in things that provide you with happiness – including shopping for fine jewelry.  If you’re looking to treat yourself to beautiful lab diamond jewelry this holiday season, we’ve got your back.  We’ve handpicked…

Holiday gift guide jewelry under 500

Holiday Gift Guide 2022 for Jewelry Under $500 

The holiday season is the most important time of the year for many of us. It brings joy from so many sources, whether that’s getting together with friends and family or simply the overall cheery holiday vibe.  It can’t be denied that one of the most important elements of the holidays is gift giving and…

Push Presents Jewelry 2022

Top Push Presents for 2022

You’ve likely packed the hospital bag, arranged the logistics to be away from home, and prepped for your baby’s birth. One piece you might be forgetting is the push present. A push present is a more recent trend where you give your loved one a gift once the baby arrives. Typically this present is jewelry….

Lab Diamond Wedding Jewelry Gifts

Lab Diamond Wedding Jewelry Gifts to Give Your Daughter

A wedding is undoubtedly a momentous milestone for everyone involved. When a loved one gets married, it’s an occasion for celebration. A marriage becomes even more joyous and important when someone you know very well walks down the aisle. Someone like your daughter.  It’s likely that she’ll desire lovely accessories to highlight certain features of…

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