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10 surprising facts about lab diamonds

10 Surprising Facts about Lab Diamonds

If you want to learn more about lab diamonds and what they’re all about, you’ve come to the right place. Lab diamonds are steadily working their way into becoming an excellent alternative to earth-mined diamonds. They already are an increasingly popular alternative that hundreds of thousands of people opt for each day.  Their popularity continues…

WC vs Katkim

With Clarity vs. KATKIM 

If you’re looking into buying fine jewelry, you’ve likely begun to check out your options. Both online and in-person, there’s no shortage of amazing retailers. Whether you’re looking for lab-grown diamonds, natural diamonds, or gemstone jewelry, there are enough options of where to buy to make your head spin! While you’ve undoubtedly stumbled across retailers…

Birthday Gifts for Mom

Picking out a gift for your mom’s birthday isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be quite a challenge to pick out a gift for the woman who can do it all! Fortunately, nothing says I love you and thank you for everything you have done like a fine piece of sparkly jewelry. Our Jewelry…

All about blood diamonds

What is a Blood Diamond?

Fluorescence is the most misunderstood diamond attribute. Is it good or bad? Usually neither, but we break down exactly when you want a stone with fluorescence….

How are Lab Diamonds Environmentally Friendly

How are Lab Diamonds Environmentally Friendly

If you find yourself shopping for diamonds in this earth-conscious era, you will no doubt have heard of some of the issues related to natural mined diamonds. Some people consider mined diamonds ethically dubious due to the ethical dilemmas associated with this practice and the physical damage that mining creates in the environment. While this…

Lab Diamond Myths

Lab Diamond Myths

Natural diamonds are rare and require a lot of heavy mining, which inspired scientists in 1954 to perfect methods for creating lab-created diamonds. The only difference between lab-created diamonds and natural diamonds is that one is created in a lab and the other in the earth. Lab grown diamonds feature the same chemical composition, optical…

Best Jewelry Gifts for Self-Love

These days, everyone is feeling a bit stressed. Whether it’s due to canceled vacations, having the kids all day, or working from home, burnout seems just around the corner. This is especially true since our homes right now are the center of all activities. Where we used to leave work problems at the workplace, we…

Best Lab Diamond Necklaces To Celebrate Your Anniversary

The big moments last a lifetime. A birth date, a wedding, a special event – these are all times that should be commemorated year after year, especially marriage. After all, part of what makes every successful union work is attention and care: you want to reassure your partner of your love and dedication to them….

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