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Guide to Cluster Setting

Guide to Cluster Setting: A Beautiful Option for Rings

Cluster setting is a popular choice for ring designs that features a group of small diamonds or gemstones set closely together to give the appearance of a larger stone. It is different from other types of ring settings such as solitaire or three-stone settings, where a single or a few large diamonds are the focal…

Beach Wedding Jewelry

Beach Wedding Jewelry: Our Top Picks You Can’t Miss!

We adore beach weddings. The warm sun gives brides a perfect golden glow. A sea breeze gently lifts your veil to create the most swoon-worthy photos. And, who can resist wearing a sultry warm weather wedding dress that shows just the right amount of skin?  If you have chosen this romantic setting as the scene…

5 occasions that deserve a jewelry gift

5 Occasions that Deserve a Gorgeous Jewelry Gift

There are some gifts that you can never go wrong with. They’re fit for nearly every occasion and thoughtful enough for any recipient. Cards and flowers are obvious choices, but one gift you certainly shouldn’t overlook is jewelry!  Chic and casual pieces, like stackable rings, can be the perfect birthday gift that shows how well…

Jewelry for Travel Destination

How to Pick Jewelry for Different Travel Destinations

Sometimes the smallest item in your luggage can make the most significant difference. We’re not talking about a phone charger or room key. We’re referring to jewelry. Gorgeous accessories that can take your look from bland to bold effortlessly. Your wardrobe usually doesn’t feel complete at home without a necklace or pair of earrings, so…

Journey Pendants

Journey pendants: What makes them so special?

You’re probably aware of the concept behind journey pendants, but might not be familiar with the term. A journey pendant is a necklace that represents the journey in your relationship and how far you’ve come together. Or how far you two will journey in your future together. Each stone of the necklace can represent special…

Jewelry designs for Your Little Black Dress

Most gorgeous jewelry designs for your little black dress 

The Little Black Dress (LBD)–it’s classic, timeless, elegant, and versatile. The best part of the LBD is that you can dress it up or down with the accessories. Jewelry completes your LBD look.  If you’re looking for some jewelry inspiration, we’ve got you covered. We gathered our top eight picks that will level up your…

Infinity jewelry

Infinity Jewelry: A Meaningful and Timeless Gift

The infinity symbol represents love that goes on forever. The infinity sign, or sideways figure 8, signifies an everlasting love, which makes it a popular option for tattoos, artwork, and jewelry. It’s also a symbol of faith symbolizing one’s everlasting loyalty to a higher power (but isn’t tied to one religion). Others see the infinity…

Heirloom Jewelry

Everything you need to know about Heirloom Jewelry

Heirloom jewelry holds special sentimental value and many consider these pieces priceless. Each valuable heirloom piece gets passed down from generation to generation, making it a symbolic piece of jewelry representing family, love, and tradition. You think of your loved one every time you wear a piece of heirloom jewelry.  While many use the terms…

Mother of Pearl Jewelry

Everything you need to know about Mother of Pearl Jewelry

Many people are aware of pearls, but did you know that mother of pearl is also used in high-end jewelry?  What is Mother of Pearl? Also known as nacre, this iridescent material lines the interior of certain mollusk shells such as oysters and abalone. Unlike pearls, which form as a result of a foreign object…

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