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Cute Promise Rings

Cute Promise Rings

A symbol of love, commitment, loyalty, and devotion, promise rings play a significant role in many couples’ relationships. It’s a tangible and visible sign of a couple’s commitment to each other. A promise ring offers the perfect in-between step for when you’re not quite ready to get married but want to give your relationship more…

Top 10 diamond jewelry for daily wear

Top 10 Lab Diamond Jewelry Selections for Daily Wear

Lab diamonds are a surprisingly stunning alternative to earth-mined diamonds, with the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as natural diamonds. Furthermore, they exhibit the same degree of elegance and sparkle without the cruelty or hefty price-tag. While a diamond that is grown in a controlled setting inside a laboratory may not be your idea…

Minimalist Promise Ring Styles

Minimalist Promise Ring Styles

Promise rings carry meaning and are an important piece of jewelry in any couple’s relationship. You can find promise rings in varying types of styles, from simple and minimalist to more extravagant and adorned. If you’re leaning towards a more simple ring, then continue reading to learn more about the most popular minimalist promise rings. …

Dainty Promise Ring Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Dainty Promise Rings

When it comes to jewelry, some of us think size matters – and that’s okay! On the other hand, some women simply prefer a smaller, more meaningful option. If this sounds like the person for which you’d like to buy a promise ring, there are plenty of dainty promise rings from which to choose that…

Lesbian Promise Rings

Lesbian Promise Rings

Promise rings are a universal symbol of love and commitment. Promise rings aren’t only for heterosexual couples–many same sex couples give promise rings, and some couples get each other rings or pick out a set together. Love is universal, and jewelry gifts, like promise rings, are a meaningful way to demonstrate love, loyalty, and commitment….

Top Promise Rings Style

Top 7 Promise Ring Styles

Promise rings symbolize love and commitment, and they’re considered a pre-engagement ring. It’s a sign that you want to take your relationship to the next level.  There are so many beautiful promise rings out there, so we scoured the internet to find our top 7 favorites. Promise Ring History Although these seem like a newer…

Promise Ring Sayings

What to Say When Giving a Promise Ring?

Promise rings symbolize love, loyalty, and commitment and are considered a pre-engagement ring for couples. The popularity of this loving gesture continues to gain popularity.  What Are Promise Rings? Believe it or not, promise rings have existed since ancient times. Laws stated that couples had to wait a specific amount of time between announcing an…

Best White Gold Promise Rings

Best White Gold Promise Rings

What is a Promise Ring? A promise ring is a ring you give to a person when you want to take your relationship more seriously. It is more than just a metal band, it is a promise to love and care for your partner. A promise ring also signifies hope for the future of a…

Best Yellow Gold Promise Rings

Best Yellow Gold Promise Rings

A promise ring is a little different from a traditional engagement ring. This ring symbolizes the promise to take a relationship seriously and support one partner through thick and thin. Gifting a promise ring to your loved one is also a way to say that you will try to develop the relationship you have. You…

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