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Two Blue Sapphire Solitaire Style, Yellow Gold Rings

Blue Sapphire Ring Guide

How to Choose a Good Blue Sapphire Ring When searching for that perfect engagement ring, many people overlook colored gemstones. Your partner is one of a kind, why limit yourself to the traditional diamond solitaire to express your unique love? If you have an adventurous spirit, you may want to break with tradition and consider…

Four vintage style ruby rings, in 14 kt white gold

Vintage Inspired Ruby Rings

Rubies: A Stone with a Rich History  Rubies have been a popular gemstone for thousands of years, dating back to the time of the ancient Egyptians. Also, ruby rings have been continuously popular over time. For centuries, ruby gemstones have been set in engagement rings, wedding rings, and other unique gemstone pieces. Moreover, rings featuring…

black diamond engagement ring on pink background

Settings That Would Look Stunning As Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Although colorless diamonds are the most universally recognized in engagement rings, black and white diamond engagement rings are growing in popularity. Now considered as “Fancy blacks,” naturally black diamonds were historically held in low regard. There are only a few famous black diamonds, such as the 67.50 ct Black Orlov, also known as the Eye of…

Top Preset Rose Gold Engagement Rings

What is rose gold? Rose gold, just as the name implies, is a reddish-gold metal. Rose gold rings are made from pure gold combined with copper. The more copper added the redder the gold gets creating a romantic and unique piece of jewelry. Although rose gold may need more frequent polishing and cleaning compared to…

What are the Top Ten Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her?

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day? The tradition dates back to a Roman festival called Lupercalia. Its romantic roots emphasized fertility that is often symbolized by the springtime. Since then, the holiday has been altered slightly to emphasize gift-giving and romance instead. With that said, many find themselves worrying about getting just the right gift…

Our Top Preset Halo Engagement Diamond Rings

What is a halo diamond engagement ring? A halo engagement ring is a ring with a specific setting where the main stone is encircled by a ring of round micro-diamonds. The circular pattern of micro-diamonds is also called pavé. Pavé is a jewelry term used to refer to a pattern of gemstones placed closely together…

Our Top 5 Affordable Preset Engagement Rings

Becoming engaged is one of the most exciting times in a couple’s lives. When you are shopping for the perfect engagement ring that represents your eternal love for each other, finding a ring that’s just as affordable as it is beautiful is not always easy. To save you from a stressful search, we have gathered…

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