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Anniversary Bands for Men

Anniversary Bands for Men

You’re probably familiar with the modern and traditional wedding anniversary gifts, such as cotton products for your second anniversary or gold for your 50th. But what if you want to give something that doesn’t fall into the standard categories? Like an anniversary band?  We believe that every relationship milestone is special. You might feel like…

Wedding Venues in Texas

Best Wedding Venues in Texas

Texas is a favorite state of many, and for good reason too. Texas is most famous for its vast golden deserts, but their pine forests are just as popular of a destination. The state is full of beautiful cities rich in history with well-known museums.  If you’re hoping to get married in Texas, you’re in…

Wedding Venues in California

Best Wedding Venues in California

California is one of the best cities in the world to get married. It’s the third largest state in the United States. Often called the Golden State, it has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to have a wedding in the mountains, on a vineyard, in the desert, on the beach, on a ranch, or…

Wedding Theme

How to Decide a Wedding Theme

Today you’ll find plenty of wedding theme options; some are classic while others are trendier. The amount of options may seem like a lot, but we have some strategies to help you pick a theme for your own wedding.  Purpose of Wedding Theme A wedding theme provides a starting point in planning. Plus, a theme…

Unique Proposal Ring Boxes

Unique Proposal Ring Boxes

Planning a marriage proposal and getting engaged is a life-changing, momentous moment in your life. All of the focus is usually on the ring, but you also need to consider the ring box. After all, the box holds this special piece of jewelry, but doesn’t get the same amount of attention that it deserves.  Picture…

Wedding Favors Dos and Don’ts

Wedding Favors Dos and Don’ts

A wedding favor is a small gift given by newlyweds to their guests as a token of appreciation for being a part of their special day. It’s an old tradition that has been around for a while, although the gifts have changed.  Wedding favors for guests can be given anytime during the entire wedding celebration,…

Wedding Cake Ideas

Best Wedding Cake Ideas

Your wedding cake will be the star of your reception–it sits on its own special table and is even featured in the epic cake-cutting moment of the reception. You can choose a variety of cake styles and flavors for your momentous day. To help you decide what type of cake to pick, we compiled the…

Bridal shower

Bridal Shower Dos and Don’ts

Weddings are filled with traditions like bridal showers. A bridal shower is a daytime celebration of the bride to be. Friends gather to play games, enjoy delicious food and give their beloved friend some gifts. Bridal Shower Etiquette Usually the bridal shower is hosted by the maid of honor, close friends, bridal attendants, or bridesmaids….

Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation Dos and Don’ts

Your wedding is a monumental day in your life, and it’s a milestone that you’ll never forget. No matter if you plan a simple or an extravagant wedding, there’s one thing that you’ll need for your big day–an invitation. Your wedding invitations are a crucial element in your planning, and there is etiquette surrounding invitations…

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