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All About Mila Kunis’ Engagement Ring

Mila Kunis Engagement Ring

We love an opulent celebrity engagement ring. They can be a great source of inspiration or, at the very least, a beautiful piece of jewelry to ogle. However, one celeb likes to keep her engagement ring out of the public eye!

Mila Kunis rarely sports her opulent ring from husband Ashton Kutcher, telling sources that she thinks she can’t wear it because someone is going to “chop off her hand” for it! Just what makes her absolutely stunning engagement ring worthy of such a statement? We’ll tell you!

All About Mila's Engagement Ring

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher got engaged in early 2014. We don’t know much about where or how, as the couple has kept that private, but we do know that Kutcher proposed with a sparkling diamond ring. The solitaire Tiffany diamond ring features a demure five-carat diamond in a round cut. Its delicate band has a semi-pave inlay that adds just the right amount of detail without detracting from its minimalist vibes.

While that may not be the largest gem you’ve seen on a round diamond engagement ring, the stone is absolutely stunning. Furthermore, paired with the graceful band, it looks positively huge! It was estimated to cost Kutcher around $250,000. Initially, we saw Kunis sporting it around town, but her ring spends most of its time in a safety deposit box these days. Instead, the mom of two regularly wears a small wedding band she purchased off Etsy for $90.

We love both of her rings, but we’re not afraid to admit we’re particularly smitten with her breathtaking engagement ring. We think you’ll love these With Clarity Alternatives if you are too!

With Clarity Alternatives

These gorgeous With Clarity alternatives give the feminine vibes and possess the classic beauty we adore in Mila Kunis’ ring

Flourish Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Flourish Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

A solitaire diamond engagement ring is timeless. It pairs well with wedding bands and looks beautiful on its own. This flourish ring offers a little something extra, just like Mila’s rings inlay, with its striking curves where the band meets the setting. Minimalistic yet statement-making!

Classic Four Prong Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Classic Four Prong Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

For a more classic look, consider this four-prong solitaire. Its design screams sophistication and elegance. Not overstated, we love how this ring's simplistic beauty positively shines. Its dainty band ensures all attention is on your diamond (hopefully, not so much that you feel the need to lock it away like Mila’s).

Vintage Celtic Square Knot Engagement Ring

Vintage Celtic Square Knot Engagement Ring

We adore the semi-pave inlay in Mila’s ring that adds a touch of something special. Similarly, this charming solitaire ring features its own unique design. A half-split shank and a four-twist know adorn the gorgeous band. The knot is inspired by the Celtic symbol of love and commitment. A split shank offers vintage vibes that enhance the timelessness of the solitaire design.

Cathedral Twist Diamond Engagement Ring

Cathedral Twist Diamond Engagement Ring

If you want your diamond to be a showstopper, you might want to consider this cathedral twist setting. While diamonds are brilliant on their own, the cathedral setting helps more light enter the stone, making it positively luminous. A graceful twist on each shoulder of the band adds a nice feminine element to this solitaire.

Milgrain Filigree Solitaire Engagement Ring

Milgrain Filigree Solitaire Engagement Ring

Milgrain is making a comeback, and we’re so excited! This lovely display of metalworking mastership offers a vintage feel and adds delicate detail to the top of this band. When viewed from the sides, romantic filigree patterns are downright enchanting. Pair it with a unique diamond cut, and you have solitaire that will make anyone do a double take.

Grooved Taper Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring

Grooved Taper Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaires are absolutely lovely, but this ring proves that the smallest detail can take a ring to the next level. The graceful curve of this tapered band's grooved shoulders draws the eye toward the brilliant center stone. Its classic cathedral setting optimizes the gem's radiance and sparkle. Sweet little features like these make it a ring she’ll never want to take off.

Knife Edge Shank Studded Kite Basket Solitaire Engagement Ring

Knife Edge Shank Studded Kite Basket Solitaire Engagement Ring

While this ring's name may make it seem bold and complex, it’s actually a lovely choice for a minimalist! The solitaire design is beautifully complemented by a knife edge design that adds intrigue. You'll notice more secret details when viewed from other angles besides straight-on. Like the striking high, four-prong basket in which diamond-studded kite-shaped accents are hidden. It’s a romantic ring for the love of your life who always keeps you on your toes!

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Parting Note

You know we are forever big fans of celebrity engagement rings. However, it’s important to note that many of them are chosen with a special sentiment in mind. To symbolize the couple’s unique love story and reflect the wearer's personality. Similarly, your engagement ring should be unique to you! Use a celebrity ring as a source of inspiration from which you can build your dream engagement ring.

With Clarity can help you with ring customization. After which, you can view your gorgeous design and even try it on, thanks to Home Preview. Free shipping, hassle-free returns, a lifetime warranty, and consultation with our experts make your engagement ring shopping experience a delight!


What type of diamond does Mila Kunis’ engagement ring have?

Mila Kunis has a round-cut five-carat diamond in her Tiffany solitaire engagement ring.

Is solitaire better than a halo ring?

Solitaire is the more classic choice for an engagement ring. At the same time, a halo setting is considered the more modern, trendier option.

What kind of metal is best for an engagement ring?

Generally, you want to pick beautiful but durable metals that can withstand everyday wear. Platinum or 18kt, 14kt, or even 10kt gold is a great choice.

What does a solitaire ring mean?

A solitaire ring means only one stone, often a diamond, is set in the center of the band by itself.

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