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Modern Marriage Proposal Ideas

Some things have been the same for centuries: boy meets girl, they fall in love, and they get married. However, unlike the often matter-of-fact marriage proposals so common in our parents' and grandparents' generations, modern couples have gotten engaged in some really original ways.

Is she (or he) the one?

Before planning the marriage proposal, ask yourself a few questions.

Is your intended spouse the only person you see yourself with for the rest of your life? Maybe they are the most beautiful person you’ve ever met, or they are the most passionate person…ever. But it doesn’t end there.

Are you two thinking about each other all the time, even during times of silence and distance?

Are you accommodating of each other’s interests, even if they "bore" the other party?

How about working through your differences together, without shouting and slamming doors? With an understanding of life being “mixed bag of the good, the bad and the indifferent.”

These factors and others will help you know if your relationship has what it takes to go the distance.

What to say during the marriage proposal?

Once you’re sure that you have found the right partner, it is time to plan your marriage proposal. Having a marriage proposal speech planned is a great way to make sure you don’t stammer. Obviously, the most important words are “will you marry me?” However, there may be other things to say as well. Just practice, take your time, and slow your talking down.

The most important thing, though, is that whatever you say after the magic words may well be forgotten. For ladies, this is the moment they might've been waiting for since they were small. Men are likely to be surprised by the idea of a woman proposing to them, but don't let this stop you ladies!

Modern Marriage Proposals

As for the setting, this is limited only by your imagination because there is no set marriage proposal template.

  1. One gentleman who spent a lot of time out of town decided to stage a girls' night in. He got a few of their friends to have her over to a house when she thought he was out of town. While the man was hiding in the next room, the girls played her favorite movie. After a movie preview, there was a special video of the good times this couple had shared. At just the right moment, he came out of the other room, gave her some flowers, and presented a ring. It was the complete surprise marriage proposal.
Couple watching movie together, marriage proposal

2. Another unique marriage proposal we found involved a man hosting an elaborate party for his girlfriend. Over the course of the evening, they started playing a blindfold game. Eventually, the boyfriend came out and asked the magic question, with friends and family cheering as she said yes.

3. For a cute marriage proposal when your significant other is a colleague, try proposing at work…with a twist! There was this one couple where both are nurses at the same hospital. Because the boyfriend has a serious peanut allergy, he arranged to arrive by ambulance at the hospital during her shift. As the girlfriend helps get him off the stretcher, he springs up and pulls a ring out of his pocket. The entire floor thought it was great! (By the way, for all doctors, first responders, and nurses, we offer a discount for all ring settings and jewelry. Learn more about our courtesy discount here.)

Long Distance Proposals

Long-distance relationships are a bit different than they used to be. Once upon a time, couples would call or write to each other when they couldn’t be together, and proposals usually meant the couple had to be in the same place. However, modern technology means that couples can see one another over Zoom, Facetime, or Skype.

One cool way to propose in this situation is to get down on your knees, on cam. Hold up the ring (if you have one), and just say it. You’ll get to see the reaction. Then, either send the ring certified and insured mail or go ring shopping when you get a chance to see each other. Maybe have your wedding via Zoom, Facetime, or Skype too! Like this couple below who had some celebrity appearances during it all.

Romantic Proposals

OK, so you don’t want anything too fancy? Try these ideas:

One fellow gave his girlfriend a bouquet of flowers and asked her to pull out the red rose. He’d tied the ring to its stem, and when she saw it he popped the question for a romantic surprise engagement.

Finding a special place for the two of you is awesome. One young lady proposed to her boyfriend by taking him to places they’d had dates. Then, she took him to the site of their first date and proposed.

Lastly, romantic proposals can also make a big splash (we do not recommend proposing near water in case an accident happens with the ring). For instance, a flash mob proposal is a great way to be romantic: The song “Marry You” is a great marriage proposal song, and many have used it as a basis for proposals. In one example, the man came down a line of dancers to his intending fiancée and presented a ring. Just make sure your partner is okay with a lot of attention on them! 

Of course, at the center of most proposals is a gorgeous engagement ring. These can be classic styles, or something as unique as your love. The most classic of all is the diamond solitaire, often with a round cut diamond like our East-West design.

With Clarity Chic East-West Solitaire diamond engagement ring

However, romantic ladies who enjoy vintage chic might like something from our Adorn collection, like the Heritage Halo Basket and Studded Bridge Split Shank Engagement Ring. If your intended likes something classic without being plain, consider something with a large center diamond and smaller ones on the band.

Heritage Halo Basket and Studded Bridge Split Shank Engagement Ring

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