Celebrate Your One in a Million with These Unique Halo Engagement Rings

What makes an engagement ring special? There are about as many styles as there are relationships themselves. What's most important is that you follow your personal taste, whether it's for a trendy pear-shaped diamond, a classic princess-cut solitaire, or something completely off the grid. If you're in the market for a unique engagement ring, consider a creative halo design.

There are many advantages to a halo setting, in which the central diamond is encircled by accent stones, like an angel's halo. One is that the smaller gems emphasize the focal diamond, creating a field of sparkle. It's a good way to create maximum impact, which is particularly helpful on a budget, because it makes the central stone seem larger. Another benefit is that the halo lends itself to some truly beautiful and original designs.

You might think of halo engagement rings as all the same: the round center stone with a ring of tiny diamonds as an accent. But there's a spectacular range of halo settings you need to discover. These unique halo engagement rings are anything but ordinary, and yet they still come in more refined or flashier styles to fit every personality.

Elements of Unique Halo Engagement Rings

So what exactly makes a halo engagement ring unique? You actually have several different elements to play with on these settings. Here are a couple of the major ways you can take your halo engagement ring from a clone of the classic to a truly creative stand-out.

Something Unexpected

Some unique halo engagement rings have hidden details or some intriguing intricacies that aren't always immediately evident. Certain rings have halos on the side of the “basket” — the support system for the central diamond — so they're partially hidden.

Metal Work

The band can include some traditional detailing. Two of the most common are milgrain and filigree. Milgrain — from the French for “a thousand grains” — refers to decorative designs along the edges of the surface of a ring using tiny beads of metal; it can lend a vintage vibe but is very much a part of some popular ring designs. Filigree is a design made with metal “threads” that can form a motif on a ring band.

Non-Traditional Shapes or Angles

The halo might take an interesting shape, such as an east-west design (which is more angular, like the directions on a compass) or curve toward the band in an unexpected way.

What to Think About When Choosing a Unique Halo Engagement Ring

When considering a unique halo engagement ring, consider your personal style and day-to-day activities. How much of a statement would you like to make (and how much volume would you like it to have)? When it comes to jewelry and accessories, do you tend toward the more subtle and classic, or do you appreciate some flash? Consider that this is something you’ll be wearing every day, so you should be in love with the aesthetic — and the ring's fit with your lifestyle.

If you have a physically demanding job or hobbies, you might want to be mindful of that when choosing a setting; a high-set or more elaborate design will be more exposed to contact if you do a lot with your hands all day. Most halo settings lift the central diamond up toward the light. But while that’s great for sparkle, it can be less than ideal for people who work with their hands all day. If you’re unsure, you can always use our free home preview program to try on replicas and see if the height of the setting works with your job, routine, and hobbies.

Top Unique Halo Engagement Rings

Getting a unique engagement ring with a halo doesn't require you to design your own. Here at With Clarity, we have a wide range of designs that play with accent diamond size, metal work, and your band for settings that feel custom without the time and energy. Here are just some of our favorites:

tapered diamond

Tapered Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Sparkle with a twist. In this trendy petite halo setting, 0.32 carats of accent diamonds curve around a center stone, which creates movement that draws your eye in toward that gorgeous central gemstone.

star halo diamond

Star Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Here’s proof that playing with the size of your accent diamonds can have gorgeous results. Radiant circles of diamonds surround the center stone, creating a delicate star shape with size and sparkle.

milgrain flower diamond

Milgrain Flower Diamond Engagement Ring

With milgrain detail and sparkling accent diamonds, this intricate halo forms a floral design around the center stone. We keep the band plain so that your eye is immediately drawn to that nature-inspired halo and central sparkler.

twisting tristone diamond

Twisting Halo Tristone Diamond Engagement Ring

You're getting two classic styles in one with this setting. It combines the classic three stone engagement ring look with a truly unique swirl of accent diamonds that creates a freeform halo.

vintage leaf diamond

Vintage Leaf Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Beautifully distinctive, this halo’s intricate metalwork and diamond accents give this ring the look of an instant heirloom. It’s part flower, part leaf, and 100% a nature-inspired engagement ring for lovers of the outdoors.

opening twist diamond

Opening Twist Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The split-shank style gets a stylish tweak with this twisting band and striking halo. The ends of your band curve ever so slightly away from the center stone, creating a dynamic and almost architectural design.

octagon diamond

Octagon Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

A geometric halo adds a beautiful structural element to this ring, which features a prong-set round cut center stone and 0.50 carats of accent diamonds. But those angles won't outshine your elegant round center stone; they'll amplify it.

crown diamond

Crown Diamond Engagement Ring

If she loves subtle designs, this halo setting is the one. A hidden halo adorns the profile of this setting, which means the accent diamonds play peek-a-boo, popping out with their shine when you least expect them.

Like we said, these are just a couple of our favorite unique halo engagement rings from our catalog. But we want you to shop with confidence and buy with clarity. So make sure to browse our entire collection of halo engagement rings and take advantage of the free home preview program if you're unsure you want to commit to a setting.

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