Unique Bracelets for 2022

Unique Bracelets for 2022

Bracelets have been an essential women’s accessory for centuries. In fact, bracelets for women and men are mentioned in many ancient texts. Sometimes, bracelets denote status, but they can also be a symbol of beauty, strength, and even commitment. In many cultures, such as India, women wear several bangle bracelets as a key accessory. This tradition has persisted for generations.

The truth is, not much has changed since ancient times, except for the materials we make bracelets out of. For instance, Asian and African women still wear bracelets made of glass, metal, or even stone on a daily basis.

Many styles become more or less fashionable over time, there are also classic choices that will never go out of style. Let’s take a look at current trends.

2022 bracelet styles: What’s popular?

These days, there are many types of bracelets, from extremely plain to very fancy. However, besides the overall “fanciness” of a gold bracelet for women, there are many styles to choose from.

Gold tennis bracelets

Arguably, the tennis bracelet is one of the most popular types of bracelet in western societies. Another term is an “in-line diamond bracelet,” though you can find them in many colored stones. What they all have in common is the line of stones in a metal setting, and the fact that a gold diamond tennis bracelet won’t vary much in width along the length.

But, why is it called a tennis bracelet? Back in 1987, world-famous tennis player Chris Evert was wearing a gorgeous diamond tennis bracelet. During the match, her bracelet fell off her wrist. Evert called for a pause to the match to look for her “tennis bracelet,” and the nickname stuck. However, tennis bracelets look great for almost any occasion-and they’re awesome presents to celebrate a special milestone.

Chunky statement bracelets

Ladies who like heavy jewelry can choose a wide bracelet that makes a statement. These can be made of almost everything, from diamonds and gold to stone, wood, or even leather. When it comes to these bracelets, you’re only limited by your imagination. However, these bracelets are more susceptible to becoming “out of style” than many of the others.

Bangle bracelets

A bangle bracelet is distinguished by being one piece so that it slips over the hand onto the wrist. There are also “hinged bangles,” which open up and close again like a clamshell. Bangles are some of the most classic bracelets out there, and they come in a wide variety of types. You might find a designer gold bangle bracelet that features delicate metalwork on a frame, a traditional Asian jade bracelet, wood bangles, or glass. Right now, bangles with diamonds and pearls are really popular. Consider these for a birthday or anniversary.

Initial bracelets

Personalized jewelry is a big thing right now, and bracelets with initials are no exception. These can come in almost any style, with their commonality being the letters. You can even find a diamond bracelet with initials. Often, a gold initial bracelet will have just the recipient’s first initial on them. However, they can be a great gift for couples if you put one initial for each partner on them. With only one initial, they’re great birthday gifts or self-care treats.

Layered and stacked bracelets

Really, you can layer or stack just about any kind of bracelet. However, some bracelets come in sets that are intended to be worn together.

When stacking, thin to medium-width bracelets usually work best. For instance, a gold Cuban link bracelet might go well with a tennis bracelet to provide a great mixture of sparkle and shine. Or, you might put that Cuban link bracelet with gold charm bracelets to even out the thickness of gold above the charms.

Materials for fine jewelry bracelets

Although you can get a bracelet in almost any material, if you want a diamond bracelet for women then you’ll want one made with high-quality metals. Here are the usual options.

  • Platinum: A white metal, platinum is sold as 95% pure. It’s hypoallergenic and durable, with 5% Ruthenium being the most common additive to increase hardness. Platinum can make an incredibly high-quality diamond bracelet for women.
  • White gold: Again white gold has the pale, silvery gleam. White gold is more affordable than platinum, with the price being different based on the purity of the metal. In the United States, the most common purity is 14k, which is 58.3% gold, with copper and white metals mixed in.
  • Yellow gold: With its yellow shine, yellow gold is the ultimate classic. It can also be affordable in lower purity standards, which are the same as white gold. The difference is that it has more copper to keep the alloy yellow.
  • Rose gold: Finally, there’s the ultra-feminine pink rose gold. This gold color is really trendy right now, and it has a lot of copper in the alloy to turn it pink.

Bracelet buying tips

Arguably, few things are as classic as a diamond and gold bracelet. However, less common materials make gorgeous jewelry as well. Assuming you want the classic gold and diamond look, here are some tips.

  • Don’t have a lot of money? You can still get a classic tennis bracelet or bangle made with cubic zirconia or lab diamonds. You’ll look fabulous, and nobody has to know you aren’t wearing mined stones.
  • You can buy yourself a bracelet any time. However, it’s best to save the expensive purchase for a special occasion. This could be a promotion at work, a life milestone, or anything else that calls for a major treat.
  • Especially for an expensive bracelet, it’s important to buy from a jeweler who is reputable and has a customer-friendly return policy. This way, if the purchase doesn’t work out you can return it no questions asked.
  • Take care of your diamond bracelet. Store it in a jewelry box away from other jewelry, especially since diamonds scratch everything they touch. If you need to clean it, a little soapy water and a soft brush will dislodge the dirt.


Which is the most popular type of bracelet?

It’s hard to tell, but ennis braceletst and chain bracelets have been very popular for a long time. In addition, the so-called European charm bracelets are big in 2022.

Should you wear the bracelet on your left or right hand?

Most people wear them on their non-dominant hand, just like they would a watch. This is generally more comfortable. However, you can do whatever works for you

Can I wear diamond bracelet every day?

Generally, yes. Diamonds are very durable and they have a timeless appeal that goes with any outfit.

Do diamonds fall out of tennis bracelets?

Only if you don’t take care of your bracelet. Many experts recommend having a jeweler check the prongs every so often. Also, lower karat gold and platinum are harder than high karat gold and silver, which means the prongs can be more durable.
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