GIA Certified Natural Diamonds

One of the world's most famous and precious gemstones, natural diamonds, are a wonderful gift to yourself and for a loved one. When it comes to natural diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings, and other types of jewelry, the diamond shape is very crucial in a purchase. The shape is the most visual aspect of a natural diamond and reflects the price and value of a stone. At With Clarity, we carry the following certified conflict-free diamond shapes: round , princess, cushion, radiant , asscher, emerald, oval , pear, and marquise. Whether you go with the evergreen classic round shape or the trendy contemporary emerald shape, there are other diamond aspects you should know about before purchasing. Refer to our diamond education guide, where we address all your questions about cut, color, clarity, and carat. We give you advice and resources so you can shop diamonds pressure-free and with confidence: Diamond Education 4 C's & Basics .

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