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1.50 Carat asscher natural diamond

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Shape: Asscher
Color: G
Carat: 1.50 CT
Clarity: VS1
Cut: Excellent
Lab: GIA

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GIA Report #7341281877
GIA is a technology pioneer that holds the Strictest grading Standard. Their certificates carry a premium reputation because they are the industry's safest, most consistent and strictest evaluation of a diamond's characterics. With Clarity only carries GIA certified diamonds in order to preserve the same standard of consistency and transparency. GIA report
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Diamond Details

Natural Diamond

A natural diamond is mined from the earth. With Clarity ensures ethical origins and guarantees the purity and quality of all natural diamonds with a GIA certificate.

Shape: Asscher

Shape is the face up outline of the diamond. With Clarity carries the top 9 best selling shapes. Available in a range of carat sizes and always GIA certified.

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Carat: 1.50 CT

Carat is a measurement of a diamond's weight. It is also a reflection of size and the most visible of the 4 Cs of diamonds.

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Cut: Excellent

Cut is the diamond's shape and proportions that affect the fire, brilliance, and scintillation. Well-cut diamonds have maximum sparkle, and are also a reflection of the proper measurements for that shape and carat.

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Color: G

Color is graded by how much of a tint is visible within the diamond. The higher the color grade (less color), the rarer and more valuable the diamond. The scale ranges from D-Z.

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Clarity: VS1

Clarity is defined by the presence of tiny attributes, called inclusions, that form as diamonds grow. They give each diamond a unique identity, and the number and placement can affect the grade. The scale ranges from FL (flawless) to I (included).

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Polish: Excellent

Polish, like symmetry, is an element of diamond finish. It's how cleanly and perfectly the surfaces of the diamond are finished.

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Symmetry: Excellent

Symmetry refers to the arrangement, size, and shaping of diamond facets. It's a reflection of craftsmanship, and can affect other grading criteria.

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Fluorescence: None

Fluorescence is a diamond's natural tendency to emit a soft blue glow when subjected to ultraviolet light (black light). Strong fluorescence can help lower colors look whiter but is less desirable for higher colors. Each diamond is different so when in doubt, talk to us as we can share if fluorescence will affect the sparkle of your diamond.

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Table: 62.00%

The largest, center facet (or face) of the diamond expressed as a percentage of the length/width. It allows the most amount of light into the diamond and therefore has a significant impact on diamond sparkle.

Depth: 66.50%

The distance from the table to the culet expressed as a percentage of length/width. Depth has a significant impact on light leakage and performance.

Measurement: 6.42x6.35x4.22 mm

Measurements are the end to end distances measured in millimeters. They are read Length x Width x Depth.

L/W Ratio: 1.01

Length/Width Ratio is the diamond’s proportion face up in millimeters. It is mostly relevant in fancy shapes (such as cushion, emerald, marquise, and pear) and can tell you if the shape is longer or shorter.

Lab: GIA

GIA is a technology pioneer that holds the Strictest grading Standard. Their certificates carry a premium reputation because they are the industry's safest, most consistent and strictest evaluation of a diamond's characterics. With Clarity only carries GIA certified diamonds in order to preserve the same standard of consistency and transparency.

Curated by us.
Crafted for you.

Our expert gemologists take time to inspect every diamond before it reaches you; ensuring quality and clarity every step of the way.

The Four C's










Your selected diamond is carat 1.50.

Perhaps most well-known of the 4Cs of diamonds, the carat of the stone is the measure of its weight. Diamond size is measured in millimeters, but each shape holds its weight differently. That means a princess cut diamond and a round diamond that both weigh 1 carat will have different measurements in millimeters.

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Your selected diamond is cut grade Excellent.

Often mistaken for the diamond’s shape, cut is a measure of how well light can dance through the stone’s facets. That’s what gives them their irresistible sparkle and fire. Though there are four cut grades, With Clarity only carries the top three to make sure you get a diamond with maximum brilliance.

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Your selected diamond is color grade G.

Graded on a scale from D to Z, diamond color is the degree of colorlessness or tint of yellow/brown. The more colorless, the rarer and higher the value the diamond.

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Your selected diamond is clarity VS1.

When diamonds form in nature, tiny imperfections called inclusions form in the stones. Clarity, which is graded from FL (flawless) to I (included) is a measure of how many of these imperfections are in a stone. But many of these imperfections can only be seen with magnification, which means your stone will still look gorgeous to your eye.

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I initially purchased an engagement ring from With Clarity (under heavy pressure of course) and this time ther wedding band to go with it. As a first time buyer and spending a significant amount of money, they made it very comfortable and easy. The diamond my fiance seemed set on was sold and they replaced it with an almost identical except slightly bigger one. We both are very happy with t ...More


Excellent quality, great support, and clear communication in making one of your most important and difficult purchases of your life. Highly recommended!

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Great experience! Communication was great!

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Wonderful customer service. Kept me updated at every step. The packaging is also very nice and elaborate. Made my simple ring special :)

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I've been scouring through the web for a long time looking for all options. Withclarity had the best prices. The same color, cut, and clarity elsewhere was at least $1000+ more!!!! Delivery was fast, the diamond is beautiful.

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I purchase our engagement ring/wedding ring from With Clarity. The prices were very competitive and customer service was fast. I highly recommend With Clarity!

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Excellent experience and cannot be more thrilled with the result. The ring and diamond is amazing! Would highly recommend With Clarity 10 out of 10 times!

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Great customer service and my ring turned out beautifully! Exactly what I ordered and the diamond quality is amazing!

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Love the engagement ring. But was little disappointed by the wedding band that goes with the engagement ring, the little diamonds are extremely small and do not looks like the picture.

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Great customer service and excellent quality. All for a reasonable price.

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I bought both an engagement ring and wedding band from With Clarity. All around great experience and we love the rings! Fast shipping and good service.

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