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VVS2 Clarity Diamonds

VVS2 or Very, Very Slightly Included 2 diamonds are in the premium category of rare diamonds that represent the top 1%. In any shape of diamond, you’ll find no eye visible inclusions and even under magnification, it takes many years of training to identify the inclusions that make a grade VVS2. The most common inclusions are pinpoints, clouds, feathers and naturals. Of the premium clarity diamond, we recommend VVS2 over the others for the best blend of quality and price or value. However, do keep in mind that the premiums on diamonds start in this clarity range. The reason is that no diamonds in this range will have crystal inclusions.

What is an VVS2 Clarity Diamond

A VVS2, or Very, Very Slightly Included 2, diamond has minute inclusions only visible under 10x magnification by a trained gemologist. No imperfections can be identified by the naked eye.

Should you buy a VVS2 diamond or a VVS1 diamond? The rarity factor of VVS1 gives it a large premium. However, given that the inclusions aren’t visible in either, why pay the extra price? Go with VVS2 diamonds. The different is generally 1 or 2 microscopic inclusions and side by side there is no difference. VVS2 diamonds do not have clarity issues that diminish sparkle. This is typically the case in SI1/SI2 diamonds and below. If clarity is a very important factor for you where you don’t want to be able to ever see the inclusion when you’re admiring the engagement ring, stick to the VVs2 or VS1 range. You’ll be able to maximize the other important factors like cut, color and carat without breaking the bank.

10x zoom magnified diamond example, typical for diamond clarity grading
10x zoom
10x zoom with I1 clarity inclusions
10x zoom with SI2 clarity inclusions
10x zoom with SI1 clarity inclusions
10x zoom with VS2 clarity inclusions
10x zoom with VS1 clarity inclusions
10x zoom with VVS2 clarity inclusions
10x zoom with VVS1 clarity inclusions
10x zoom with IF clarity inclusions
10x zoom with FL clarity inclusions

Buying A VVS2 Diamond

You typically don’t even need to see a VVS2 diamond’s images or videos and can purely purchase based on the GIA grading report. This makes buying easy so we recommend online vs offline to get the best price.

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