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Lab Diamond Solitaire Necklace Guide

Solitaire necklaces continue to be an elegant, classic piece of jewelry that can be worn every day for years to come. They’re sought after because of their simplicity and are guaranteed to never go out of style.

The term “solitaire” means single, but today’s solitaire necklaces vary from a single diamond to a cluster of stones.

More people choose lab grown diamonds for solitaire necklaces because they look like natural diamonds and have some additional benefits. Lab grown diamonds provide consumers with a “real” diamond that shares the same chemical composition, optical properties and physical features as natural diamonds. They’re more affordable so your budget can go farther–you can purchase a larger, more beautiful diamond. Additionally, these stones are ethically sourced and conflict free because you can pinpoint the origin of lab grown diamonds. They’re also eco-friendly. The environmental impact is reduced when you purchase a lab diamond–mined diamonds have a huge impact upon environments, landscapes, and communities.

Solitaire Necklace Cuts

Like other diamond jewelry, you’ll find solitaire necklaces with a variety of cuts, such as oval, pear, princess, and round.

oval diamonds


This variation of the round gemstone shape offers the brilliance and fire of round cut gemstones but in a more unique shape. This shape also helps to create the illusion of a larger gemstone. Oval gemstones have increased in popularity in the past couple years, and some say they’re one of the most popular shapes. Its round shape and lack of points makes this a durable choice.

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pear cut diamonds


Also known as a teardrop-shaped cut, pear-shaped gemstones include a point on one end and a rounded edge on the other. Pear-shaped gemstones have become more popular recently. Its unique shape adds character to jewelry and makes a statement. Stones are most delicate at their points, so you’ll want to make sure the point of the pear isn’t too pointy to prevent breaking.

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Princess Cut Diamonds


Generally, a rectangle-shaped princess cut is the second most popular cut behind the round brilliant. A variety of facets are acceptable for princess cut gemstones, but will also have sparkle. The square attributes of a princess cut also mean the gem retains more of the rough stone in the cutting process. To ensure your princess cut gemstone is durable, make sure the points are protected by prongs.

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round cut diamond


Can you believe that round gemstones have 58 facets? Hard to believe, but it explains how light makes them sparkle. Round gemstones, especially round diamonds, are a popular gemstone shape. It’s a popular choice for diamonds because it showcases the stone’s brilliance and fire. Round gemstones are very durable because they don’t have corners or points.

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Princess and round-shaped cuts are classic choices, while pear and oval are more unique. A pear-shaped necklace is an ideal choice for someone who wants to stand out from the crowd with an eye-catching diamond shape. Oval is a trendier twist on a round-shaped cut.

Build Your Own Solitaire Necklace

An amazing option for a necklace is to build your own. You get to customize it and get exactly what you (or your loved one) wants in a few simple steps. First, you choose the style of necklace that you want. You can select the type of metal, diamond type and chain length. This allows you to customize your necklace for your budget and preferences. White gold, yellow gold (14K) and platinum are all great choices because of they’re durability and strength. If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic option with a classic, sophisticated look, then platinum is an ideal choice. Either way, we can suggest metals that will look great with your chosen diamond.

Some tips and factors for shopping for your necklace include:

Caring for Your Necklace

You want to keep your lab diamond solitaire necklace sparkling for years, so it’s important to care for it. Store your necklace in a lined, compartmentalized jewelry box so nothing rubs against it. If you’re going swimming, exercising, or hiking, you might want to leave your necklace at home.

In addition to storing your necklace safely, you’ll also want to clean everyday debri and grime from your necklace periodically. Avoid harsh chemicals and instead use a soft-bristled brush with a fragrance-free soap or a jewelry cleaning solution to gently move the brush in circles to remove buildup. You can also soak your jewelry before using a brush.


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