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What Makes a Ring a Wide Band Engagement Ring, and Is One Right for You?

Wide band rings are only a thing for men, right? Nope! While men tend to prefer these rings (thanks to their bigger fingers and knuckles), wide band engagement rings can be an appealing option for women, too.

And even better news: the growing popularity of engagement rings with wide bands for women means there are more options than ever.

The appeal of wide band engagement rings

Looking to blind people with your bling, but don’t have the budget — or the desire — to buy a ring with a huge center stone? You’re in luck: Wide band engagement rings can help you make a bolder statement, thanks to more room for additional accent diamonds (known as pave stones) around the center stone.

Take the Double Row Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring, for example. While the band still isn’t as wide as some men’s rings, it’s still wider than many standard engagement rings — and it grabs attention, thanks to the center stone and the two (!!) rows of pave diamonds embedded into the band.

Not your style? You can get even more detail in a wide band engagement ring, like with the Braided Row Diamond Engagement Ring that adds plenty of pave diamonds with added design between the stones.

You can even go simple with wide band engagement rings. The Trellis Princess Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring doesn’t have any pave stones added to it, but it does create a sleek look for those who want a wider band with a more minimalist style. Below, we've stacked up a couple of our wide band engagement rings so you can see the variety available in this style, from positively packed with accent diamonds to simple and sleek.

wide band engagement rings comparison accent diamonds

Durability is another reason to consider investing in a wide band engagement ring. Rings made with thin bands can more easily bend or dent, but wider bands are sturdier and more durable. Less time spent worrying about accidentally knocking your ring against something equals more time to enjoy your ring — and life in general.

And most importantly: They’re better for a wider range of fingers and hands. No two of us are created equally — and the same should go for our rings. While some women have small fingers and hands, others are blessed with larger digits. A wide band ring can flatter larger hands and sit more comfortably on the finger.

Things to consider before buying a wide band engagement ring

You’ve decided to get a wide band engagement ring. Great! There are just a few things you should keep in mind while your shopping for that perfect forever ring.

How bold do you want your ring to be? A wider band will allow you to add pave diamonds until your heart’s content. Delicate engagement rings with thinner bands also feature pave diamonds, so you aren’t required to get a wide band to get the bling you want.

Consider other types of bands, like a split shank setting. A split shank is a ring band that is mostly solid, but forks — or splits — as it nears the center stone. It tricks the eye into looking like a thin band engagement ring, but you get the stability of a wide band underneath the finger where it might smack things.

A Duet Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring is one exaggerated example, but you can also go for a more modest split, like with the Split Shank Trellis Diamond Engagement Ring. These are just two examples of split shank rings — and there are many, many more to choose from at With Clarity. But split shank isn't the only option. Below you can see how different styles can make wide band engagement rings look a variety of widths through the structure on top, while maintaining the solid base beneath the finger.

wide band engagement rings styles

Don’t forget about your budget. While wide band engagement rings are beautiful, they can be pricier depending on how many pave diamonds you add. Your best bet? Get in touch with a With Clarity gemologist. Our experts know diamond engagement rings inside and out — and they can help you find the best wide band engagement rings that not only fit your personal style and dreams, but your budget, too.

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