Everything You Need to Know About Dainty Engagement Rings

When it comes to diamond engagement rings, bigger is better...at least that’s what we’re told by celebrities who flash their huge bling at us in magazine photos.

In reality, not everyone needs — or wants — a huge ring. That’s why dainty engagement rings can be so appealing. They look just as beautiful as other rings with larger bands and stones, but they’re often less overwhelming for those of us that have smaller hands (or just prefer the look of a smaller ring).

But what should you look for in a dainty engagement ring? Let’s break it down.

>What does it mean for an engagement ring to be dainty?

The word dainty simply means that something is small and elegant, so dainty engagement rings are just that: beautiful jewelry that is made of a thinner band and a smaller center stone.

dainty engagement rings band width comparison

Things to think about before getting a dainty engagement ring

Shopping for a dainty engagement ring isn’t much different than shopping for a larger-sized engagement ring, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First, consider your hand shape. While dainty engagement rings are an option for everyone, they typically look best on those of us with small hands, thin fingers and slim wrists. The reason: larger rings can be overwhelming on small hands. Elegant rings on the dainty side can be more proportional on thin, small fingers.

You should also consider your lifestyle before deciding on a dainty engagement ring. A dainty ring might not be the best choice if you work with your hands a lot (like doctors and nurses) because there’s more risk of hitting your ring on surfaces and potentially harming the center stone or band. If you do opt for a dainty ring, look for a stronger metal, like platinum. This type of metal is the more durable and dense — about 20 percent denser than white gold.

Personal style is also a consideration: You'll be wearing it daily — how much will a dainty ring match your wardrobe? How much do you want your ring to stand out? If you want people to notice your ring, then a dainty engagement ring isn’t necessarily the best option. However, it is if you’d rather have a ring that fits seamlessly with your other accessories.

Benefits of a dainty engagement ring

Engagement ring trends come and go, but dainty engagement rings will always be in style — and it makes it easier to follow current fashions, like the trendy wedding ring stacks that are everywhere right now.

But that’s not the only benefit. Dainty engagement rings can actually save you money. How? By making your center stone look much bigger, allowing you to get the look of a larger stone without paying larger stone prices. They also use less metal, so the ring setting won’t add as much to the overall price of the ring.

And honestly: they’re just pretty and add an extra bit of elegance to any outfit.

Caring for your dainty engagement ring

Your dainty engagement ring is an investment that you want to last your whole life, but you need to put special care into it to ensure they’re as beautiful in 50 years as it is now.

  • Don’t wear it all the time. Of course you want to wear your ring all the time, but there are certain times when you should take it off. While we’re all human and forget sometimes, it’s best to take your ring off before cleaning, exercise, sleeping and showering. Also, if possible, don’t wear your ring at work if you’re constantly using your hands.

  • Keep it away from other jewelry, especially platinum. The reason: It can get scratched easier.

  • Regularly check your thin band for signs of wear. If you find it’s wearing down, visit with a jeweler to discuss your options for strengthening the band, or replacing it.

Some of our favorite dainty engagement rings

So, you’re sold on a dainty engagement ring. Where do you find them? We’ve rounded up a couple of the best options to get your started on your search.

dainty engagement rings petite solitaire diamond

Petite Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Remember when we said a smaller band can make a center stone look larger? This is the perfect example. The thinner band on the Petite Solitaire Engagement Ring puts all of the attention on the center stone.

dainty engagement rings petite micropave diamond

Petite Micropave Diamond Engagement Ring

Opting for a dainty engagement ring doesn’t mean you have to give up the bling. Case in point: The Petite Micropave Diamond Engagement Ring has a standout center stone, along with smaller accent diamonds all around the band for maximum shine.

dainty engagement rings knife edge solitaire diamond

Knife Edge Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

The Knife Edge Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring creates the illusion of a smaller band with its detailing, making it not only look thinner, but more visually interesting than a typical band.