Everything You Need to Know About Oval Halo Engagement Rings (and Some of Our Favorites)

If you're looking for an engagement ring that has a classic touch with a bit of a twist, an oval halo setting is a distinctive, distinguished choice. In a halo setting, pave accent diamonds encircle the center stone — like a halo — creating a field of sparkle. Many brides-to-be love oval-shaped diamonds because they create a slimming effect that flatters the hand; adding a halo turns on a subtle spotlight. Read on for the most important things to consider when shopping for an oval halo engagement ring, and browse some of our favorite picks in this beautiful style.

Things to consider when buying an oval halo engagement ring

Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for your oval halo engagement ring:

The bow tie effect
A diamond bow tie is an imperfection formed when a diamond is cut. Just as a diamond's sparkle is created by light reflecting and refracting from its facets, a diamond bow tie — which looks exactly like it sounds: a black shape that resembles a man's bow tie — can appear on the face of a diamond when the facets don't reflect light properly, no matter how the diamond is turned. The oval shape can emphasize a bow tie, so as you browse, be on the lookout. Read more about diamond bow ties and how to avoid them here.

bow tie effect concern for oval halo engagement rings

Your lifestyle
Some oval halo rings are high-set, and some are low. If you have a particularly active lifestyle, you might want to consider a low-set version to ensure the setting won't knock into things, possibly becoming destabilized from the frequent contact. Some doctors, nurses, athletes and teachers find that lower, more secure settings work best for them day-to-day. (Check out our recommendations for engagement rings for doctors and nurses here.) Others love a higher, more prominent setting — it's all about your personal preference!

Classic or unique?
Halo engagement rings are timeless. But if you want something that stands out, you should know about all the variations available. Some oval halos have a vintage flair, with more elaborate designs and classic detailing like milgrain. Some are simple and refined, a slightly snazzier spin on the classic solitaire. Others are inspired by nature or architecture. Some have a band that incorporates pavé accent diamonds, an easy, beautiful way to turn up the sparkle.

Metal choice
Do you prefer a silver or gold look in a band? Both have their advantages. White gold blends with the diamonds in your setting for a seamless sparkle. But rose and yellow gold, while more noticeable, have their own charms: Both add warmth to your setting and boost the diamonds to center stage. Rose gold is particularly trendy right now; many brides-to-be love its romantic pinkish hue.

metal choices for oval halo engagement rings

Top oval halo engagement rings

Oval diamond halo engagement rings are, of course, as unique as the loose diamonds at their center. But that’s good news for you. You’re sure to find an oval engagement ring with a halo that fits not just your personality but also your life. The halo settings below are just some of our favorites.

oval halo engagement rings plain shank

Oval Plain Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

A sleek, sophisticated plain shank and diamond halo encircle this oval-shaped center stone, creating a subtle, elegant look. And thanks to a cathedral setting your center stone is lifted towards the light where it can glimmer to its full potential.

oval halo engagement rings paved diamond

Paved Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Pave-set diamonds hug an oval-shaped diamond, a stunning and full look that accentuates the size of the focal stone. But we're also in love the band covered in accent diamonds and how it looks like one delicate ribbon of pure sparkle.

oval halo engagement rings gallery

Oval Gallery Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

In this modern yet classic style, a sleek underhalo encircles the oval center diamond while the tapered band meets the stone in a cathedral effect. It's a playful spin on the classic halo that will have people doing double takes at your ring.

oval halo engagement rings swaying split shank

Swaying Split Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Slim, smooth bands of metal and diamond accents meet in a split shank design, forming a graceful halo for the center diamond. The elegant dance of the bands as they swirl around each other will have you admiring your ring for hours.

oval halo engagement rings vintage milgrain

Vintage Milgrain Oval Halo Diamond Ring

Inspired by vintage jewelry and natural beauty, two rows of leaf-inspired metal accents, studded with accent diamonds, build toward an oval halo. It might not be a true antique, but the unique pattern makes it worth of becoming a family heirloom.

oval halo engagement rings cathedral

Oval Cathedral Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Maximum impact, total sophistication. A raised diamond halo encircles this oval center diamond, while the accented cathedral band creates additional sparkle. It's a classic setting that has undeniable appeal despite its traditional style.

Oval engagement rings with a halo are one seriously stunning option. Not to mention the budget-friendly effects that diamond halo has on the appearance of your center diamond. But if you're not quite sure about the halo yet, or even the oval cut diamond, you can browse all of our halo engagement rings and oval diamond engagement rings until you find the ring of your dreams. (And don't forget about our free home preview program that allows you to try on 2 replica rings from the comfort of your own couch.)

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