Capture Your Past, Present, and Future Love with an Oval Three Stone Engagement Ring

While we tend to think of diamond engagement rings as having one large stone, there are no hard-and-fast rules about what they should actually look like. Why? Because it’s your ring — and it should reflect your personality and style.

Want a ring with three stones? Go for it — and luckily, there are plenty of beautiful options to choose from, especially if you have your heart set on an oval three stone engagement ring.

Things to consider when buying an oval engagement ring

It’s hard to believe that oval diamonds have only been around since the middle of last century. An oval — basically an elongated round brilliant cut diamond — has a classic look to it that complements any woman’s finger.

That said, there are a few things you need to consider before deciding on an oval diamond for your engagement ring.

First, make sure you examine your diamond closely. Oval diamonds can suffer from the bow-tie effect. In simple terms, the bow-tie effect is a dark area on the diamond that resembles the tuxedo accessory. While that might seem interesting, it’s actually not good for your diamond because it doesn’t allow it to shine to its full potential. (One of our expert gemologists can help you figure out if a particular stone suffers from this.)

oval three stone engagement rings bow tie comparison

Also, take your lifestyle into consideration. Some oval diamonds are high set in engagement rings, so it might not be a good choice if have an active lifestyle or work with your hands a lot (like in the medical profession). Either make sure to pick a setting that allows the diamond to sit more flush with your finger, or opt for a different type of diamond. (Or, we suppose, have a necklace handy so you can loop your engagement ring through it whenever you need to use your hands!)

You'll also need to pick your side stones

The good news with oval three stone engagement rings is that you can pretty much pick any diamond shape to go with it — and it’ll still look amazing. You can mix your brilliant cut oval diamond with brilliant cut side stones or step cut baguettes. Some people like mixing the two, while some people prefer matching. Just sure you know which one you — or your special someone — prefers.

oval three stone engagement rings side stone comparison

Top oval three stone engagement rings

Not sure how to start your search for an oval three stone engagement ring? We’ve rounded up a few options to help you get started (and make shopping a little less overwhelming!).

oval three stone engagement rings baguette

Three Stone Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Two side stones fit seamlessly into the band on the Three stone baguette diamond engagement ring, creating a modern look that makes the center oval into the true star of the ring.

oval three stone engagement rings petite

Petite Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

The thin band on the Petite three stone diamond engagement ring turns the center oval — and the 0.20 carats of accent diamonds — into a regal look that’s simple and sophisticated.

oval three stone engagement rings pear diamond

Three Stone Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

Pear-shaped side stones add a regal feel to the overall look of the Three stone pear diamond engagement ring.

oval three stone engagement rings princess accent

Princess Accent Diamond Engagement Ring

The center oval diamond is just the start of the bling on the Princess accent diamond engagement ring. The oval diamond is flanked by two large princess-cut side stones, along with plenty of princess pave diamonds that run down the sides of the band.

oval three stone engagement rings tapered baguette

Three Stone Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Classic tapered baguettes give this ring an out-of-this-world feel that few other rings can match. It’s the perfect choice for someone wanting something modern, yet outside the norm.

oval three stone engagement rings accent halo

Accent Halo Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Why settle for one halo when you can have two? The Accent halo three stone diamond engagement ring keeps the oval center stone solo, but adds a halo around the two side stones. The subtle split shank adds two more rows of pave diamonds to complete the attention-grabbing look.

Don't worry if you're under about the three stone setting. We have five different collections of oval diamond rings that range from solitaires to modern works of art. We carefully crafted the entire expanse of styles to make sure there would be one for everyone -- it's just a matter of finding it.

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