Strike the Perfect Balance Between Vintage and Modern with a Rose Gold Oval Engagement Ring

If you'd like a distinctive engagement ring, there are so many directions you can go. You can choose a metal other than ubiquitous white gold, plus a unique arrangement of diamonds. If you want to go a little different but love a traditional style, you have almost as many options. You can go with an offbeat metal — like trendy rose gold — with an interesting-but-still-classic style such as a solitaire. You'll find both of those styles, and plenty of variations in between, in rose gold oval engagement rings.

Rose gold is having a moment. Brides love it because its blush hue is romantic and symbolic. And an oval central diamond is a distinctive spin on the classic round focal stone, without going too crazy. Here are the most important things to keep in mind as you're shopping.

Things to consider when buying an oval engagement ring

“Rose gold oval engagement rings” is a very broad category. Before you dive straight into our expansive collection, you’ll need to keep a couple things in mind. Pay attention to these factors and you’re sure to find the setting that will make her smile, and a diamond worth showing off.

You need to be picky about oval diamond cut

With an oval diamond, it's important to be alert for a "bow tie," which occurs when the facets of a diamond are cut imprecisely. This causes a small blackout effect in the shape of a bow tie to surface within the stone when light falls on it. Be sure to examine any oval-cut diamond you're considering for signs of this effect. With Clarity has expert on-staff gemologists who can help you select a diamond that's bow-tie-free. Read more about bow ties, and how to avoid them, here.

rose gold oval engagement rings diamond bow ties

And make sure it works with her job and hobbies

Also consider your lifestyle. Oval diamonds tend to be set more prominently than round styles and are thus a bit more exposed. Think how much contact your ring might encounter on a regular basis. If you have a particularly active job or hobbies, you want to ensure the stone doesn't get dinged or chipped. A low setting is more protective of the stone than a high setting.

There’s a lot to choose from here

Classic or unique? An oval stone can complement both aesthetics. Traditional engagement ring styles are timeless, but if you want something that stands out, that's great, too. You'll need to know about the variations available: Some are vintage style, with more ornate details that call back to the Art Deco or Victorian eras; while some are nature inspired, with settings that evoke waves, vines or leaves.

We spend time carefully crafting a wide range of styles here at With Clarity. And they’re all available in 14k and 18k rose gold. So if there’s no limit to the styles available to you, your job is clear: get a good sense of her personal preferences so you can find her “the one.”

Oval diamonds come in different shapes

You'll also want to decide on the ratio of your diamond, which can drastically change the look of your entire ring. The average oval diamond is cut from a 1:3:1 ratio to a 1:4:1. Some might run a bit smaller, some a bit larger; the higher the middle number, the longer your oval diamond will be.

rose gold oval engagement rings stone ratio comparison

But there’s no “right” answer here. It’s all about personal preference. Some brides-to-be love the longer, skinnier oval diamonds for their finger-lengthing effect. Others prefer something a little closer to that classic round shape, with a fatter middle. Both make for gorgeous engagement rings, but you’ll need to figure out what she prefers before buying.

And rose gold comes in two different colors

Rose gold is beloved for its pinkish hue, but how pink do you want to go? You do have options here: 14k rose gold will appear much pinker than 18k. Why? Because 14k uses more copper alloy, it's stronger — and also pinker. Conversely, 18k rose gold actually isn't all that rosy; it's more of a lovely, subtle champagne color.

rose gold oval engagement rings 14k vs 18k

Top rose gold oval engagement rings

First and foremost: the rings you see below are far from our only oval diamonds ring that come in rose gold. In fact, we have 5 different collections that represent different types of styles your bride-to-be might have when it comes to the ring she’s going to wear forever. Our favorites are pulled from all five of those collections, but we’ve only scratched the surface of the settings available to you. So take heart if you don’t see one that’s quite right here — there’s much, much more where these came from.

rose gold oval engagement rings classic four prong east west solitaire

Classic Four Prong East West Solitaire Engagement Ring

An east-west prong setting holds this center diamond sideways, for a delightfully distinctive look that sets it apart from classic solitaire rings.

Twisting Solitaire Diamond Ring

Tandem Pave & Channel Diamond Engagement Ring

Accent diamonds are artfully recessed into three sides of this rose gold band, enabling sparkle from all sides, while the center diamond is cathedral-set, elevated toward the light.

rose gold oval engagement rings paved halo

Paved Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Pave set diamonds hug the center diamond, creating a stunning and full look that accentuates the oval-shaped stone's size.

rose gold oval engagement rings sleek cathedral solitaire

Sleek Cathedral Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

This classic cathedral solitaire combines the smooth finish of precious metal with a head that lifts the center diamond, beautifully showing off its sparkle.

rose gold oval engagement rings milgrain diamond

Milgrain Diamond Engagement Ring

A cascading flow of diamonds, bordered by vintage milgrain detailing, rise toward a center cushion-cut diamond.

rose gold oval engagement rings petite three stone

Petite Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

A petite band and classic three stone setting stylishly accentuate the center diamond, creating an heirloom look. The style is perfect for a center diamond of any size.

rose gold oval engagement ring split three row

Split Three Row Diamond Ring

Pure glamour. Three rows of diamonds unite at an oval center stone, with a split-shank design that's truly unique.

rose gold oval engagement rings split shank solitaire

Split Shank Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

With its contemporary split shank design, this ring is a unique solitaire with gorgeous sheen and a sculptural look.

rose gold oval engagement rings micropave diamond

Micropave Diamond Engagement Ring

This minimalist style still packs a lot of sparkle, thanks to 18 round pave-set accent diamonds. The petite band showcases the gleaming diamonds while minimizing the appearance of the metal.

rose gold oval engagement rings enchant diamond

Enchant Diamond Engagement Ring

This delicate tapered band meets the oval center stone with six flanking accent diamonds, creating a lovely, distinctive look.

rose gold oval engagement rings flourish solitaire

Flourish Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

A smooth, slim band meets the center stone with a dramatic upward curve for a striking yet minimal look.

rose gold oval engagement rings pave edged

Pave Edged Diamond Engagement Ring

Two rows of pave set diamonds flank an elevated rose gold center in this romantic, distinctive style.

Keep in mind that although the pictures you see here are of our settings in 14k rose gold, you have the gorgeous and subtle 18k as another option. Browse through our long list of settings that combine oval diamonds and this stunning precious metal using the button below.

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