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Black Diamond Cost

When most people hear the word diamond, they immediately think of the clear, sparkly gem that has been the favorite of jewelry shoppers for decades. However, traditional white diamonds are not the only choice when shopping for a stunning engagement ring or a statement piece.


Diamonds come in a variety of colors. Richly colored diamonds are sometimes called fancy diamonds or carbonados. Black diamonds are just one of the colors that are available, but in today’s modern landscape they are becoming more popular because they make a bold, striking statement. Even celebrities like Kat Von D and Carmen Electra chose black gems for their engagement ring.

Reasons for rise to popularity

For many, black diamonds offer a distinctive metallic luster and modern-chic appearance. While white diamonds sparkle because they reflect light, black ones absorb light. Therefore, giving the appearance of highly polished marble. This look makes them especially striking when set in platinum or white gold. Some people even set these stones in blackened gold metal for a dramatic, gothic look.

In the past few years, these dark gems have come onto the scene and are rapidly gaining popularity. It’s easy to see how these gemstones offer an air of sophistication and a mysterious glamour that’s hard to match. But what should a black diamond cost?

As with any diamond or gemstone, there are many factors that go into the difference between the cost of a black diamond vs. white diamond cost. The first and perhaps the most important distinction is whether the stone is natural or lab-created. It’s also important to know if it’s a treated black diamond or an untreated stone.

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Natural Black Diamonds

Natural black diamonds are found in the earth like colorless diamonds and other gemstones. The black appearance comes from having an extremely high number of inclusions. Inclusions in white diamonds are considered flaws, but when there are enough inclusions (which are clusters of graphite) the result is a stone that has a rich black appearance. These diamonds are truly opaque in nature.

Natural carbonados that are deep in black saturation, as you can imagine, are extremely rare. This rarity makes them exceedingly valuable. When shopping for a special stone, a professional certification report is important to confirm the stone’s value.

Lab-grown black diamonds

Lab-created black diamonds are created using a manmade simulation of the diamond formation process. A diamond lab replicates the high heat and pressure conditions that form a diamond in nature. By applying these conditions to a “diamond seed,” a new diamond will grow in that controlled environment.

Black Diamond being observed in lab setting

Treated black diamonds

Treated black diamonds on the other hand, actually start off as regular white diamonds with a great number inclusions. These heavily included diamonds are usually used for industrial purposes such as cutting tools in manufacturing. However, when these diamonds are treated by adding heat or radiation, the result can be a diamond that’s black in appearance. Typically, treated black gemstones are less expensive than untreated gems that are very dark naturally.

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Black diamond quality

Just like white diamonds, the” 4 C’s” determine the value of a black stone.


Black diamonds are measured in millimeters, which indicates an approximate carat weight. Like with any precious stone, the bigger the stone, the more expensive. When determining black diamond engagement ring cost, the size will usually be your first factor. A 1-carat black diamond cost will obviously be lower than a 2-carat black diamond cost. A trained expert can help you understand how much black diamonds cost per carat. Contact Us.


Clarity has a vastly different meaning in black diamonds vs. white diamonds. After all, it’s a large number of inclusions that give a carbonado its signature dark color. When choosing a black gem for an engagement ring, shoppers should look for a polished metallic luster that makes these stones gleam.


Again, color is not graded in black gems like it is in white ones. White diamonds go by a D to Z scale. Whereas, gemstones including black diamonds go by AAAA to B grading scale. In terms of carbonado color grade, you want a stone that appears very black without any other hues under the light.


A round black gemstone should be cut with 16 facets, just like a traditional white diamond. However, it’s important to remember that black diamonds are more difficult to polish to a shine. Since carbonados are heavily included, their internal structure makes them more susceptible to chipping (versus white diamonds) during polishing. This often affects the approach the cutter takes for black stones, and can be a difference in what a black diamond costs vs white.

More About Black Diamond Cut


Similarly to white diamonds, carbonados come in a variety of shapes. When choosing a shape, find a look that appeals to you. Popular choices like round, princess, oval, and pear shapes are available.


No matter what stone you choose, your engagement ring should reflect your personal style. With Clarity has five collections to match anyone’s personal style:

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2. Contemporary

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5. Three-stone

It’s a good idea to browse each style collection to see which one speaks to you.

Advice About Purchasing a Black Diamond

Our experts understand that stones like black diamonds require more research and pose more questions. We want you to purchase with confidence. Our team can help you answer questions about things like black diamond cost compared to a white diamond, or what stone should cost per carat.

We carry beautiful stones that are up to 3 carats in size. No matter what your style or budget, we can help you find the unique diamond of your dreams.

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