The History of Pink Sapphire

From pink sapphire engagement rings to pink sapphire earrings, the pink sapphire stone has long been popular and worn in all types of jewelry. This is understandable as soon as you see their vibrant color and rich meaning. So, what is the pink sapphire meaning? The pink sapphire stone has had various meanings since its discovery, including good fortune, intense love and compassion, power through hardships, and subtle elegance.

Today, as wedding and engagement trends move towards blush and baby pink color schemes–this lovely stone is seen more and more. In this blog, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the history of the pink sapphire stone, including its discovery, history, and meaning.

Pink Sapphire Discovery and History

Like the other gemstones on the market, pink sapphires have a long and interesting history. Initially mistaken for garnets, the original discovery date of the pink sapphire stone is unknown. It wasn’t until the late 1990s that large pink sapphire deposits were found in Madagascar. Formed of a mineral known as corundum, they are mined most predominately in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and East Africa. Until the 90s, pink sapphires were believed to be quite rare. However, thanks to these new deposits, the pink sapphire stone is quickly becoming a favorite among jewelry fans everywhere.

Today, a quick trip to your local jewelry store will likely turn up anything from a pink sapphire necklace to a pink sapphire bracelet or pink sapphire wedding rings. Beyond their beauty, they are highly revered in many cultures, several of which subscribe to the belief that the pink sapphire crystal is in possession of special powers. When you combine the pink sapphire meaning with its unique luster, it’s easy to understand its growth in popularity. And much like their original meaning, pink sapphires today are a strong representation of devoted love and passion, making them ideal for weddings, engagements, and anniversaries alike.

The Significance of Pink Sapphire

As mentioned previously, pink sapphires have had many meanings throughout history, ranging from culture to culture. And thanks to their unique beauty and vivid colors, they’ve been used in all kinds of jewelry ranging from the pink sapphire ring to the pink sapphire bracelet. The most universal meaning of the pink sapphire is that of love, truth, and feminine power. Additionally, they are widely believed to possess healing properties, even improving the wearer’s physical health.

Beyond the common pink sapphire stone meaning, pink sapphires are also considered valuable in the world of astrology. In fact, it is believed to have a direct connection with the heart chakra. It is here that the stone finds its healing properties. Furthermore, its wearers are not only considered to be smart–but they are also believed to be trustworthy, wise, and compassionate as well.

Natural Pink Sapphires vs. Lab Created Pink Sapphires

Like the majority of the other gemstones on the market today, shoppers now have the choice to choose between natural pink sapphires and lab-created pink sapphires. This is great news because not only are lab-created pink sapphires more affordable but they are also equally stunning to their natural alternative. Now, if you’re shopping for pink sapphire jewelry, you’re probably wondering what the differences are between the two and whether lab-created pink sapphires are worth the investment. First, it’s important to note that both options contain the same mineral, chemical, and optical properties. In fact, they are both aluminum oxide! The only real difference between the two is that one is created using science while the other occurs naturally. But what does lab-created mean? Simply put, lab-created pink sapphires are created using the flux fusion method. What this entails is the dissolving of elements and allowing them to come together in the form of a pink sapphire crystal. While many question their nature and whether lab-created pink sapphires are of the same quality, you’ll be happy to know that a high-quality pink sapphire with great cutting will appear virtually identical to a high-quality lab-created pink sapphire stone.

If you’re new to the world of lab-created gemstones, there are a number of benefits to choosing this route. For starters, their formation has a much smaller carbon footprint so you can feel good about its environmental impact. Additionally, lab-created gemstones are less expensive, making them ideal for anyone on a budget. Finally, they have fewer visible flaws.


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